Part 35 - Kristen

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Song Recommend: Tell Me That You Love Me by James Smith

I told myself to be honest with Calum about what happened and why I acted like that toward him.

I can't live my life when what I did just cried every night and thought about we separated.

But thanks to Pete, he was there when I need an accompany. We started to be best friend again. He knew my heart only for Calum but he still treat me right.

So, before I felt regretful about what happened between me and Calum, I rather be honest. I went to his room in the morning. I took a deep breath and told myself, I'm gonna be fine.

Everything just fine.

I knocked his door few times and wait. I didn't expect he's gonna open it quite fast.

He appeared from the door with just a towel wrapped lowly around his waist. His hair just wet and I guess he just done the shower. I miss to see him like this every morning when I woke up.

I admitted it.

But.... the way he looked at me just different. This is like our first time to face each other after months.

I can know by his eyes that he didn't look at me the same way. He must be heartless to me. It's my fault for not stood up our relationships. I'm just too afraid with Charles blackmailed me.

"What do you want?" He spoke up and make me back to reality.

"I just wanna say...I'm sorry" I looked up to him. He still with his tight face. Like waiting for my next words.

"I'm sorry to not being honest with you...Calum... I knew I'm the reason why we broke up. I just too afraid to lose you back that time" I came closer to him.

I knew this is just stupid but he's all I want.

"That's months ago" he raised his eyebrows.
"I knew...I'm just very sorry. I have my own reason and I hope you listened to me. I still lo...."

"Baby? Who's that?" A girl's voice suddenly heard.
Both of us looked at the owner's of the voice which is in Calum's room with just a towel too. Just like him.

"Krissy, wait" Calum demanded said.
"Baby? Krissy?" I looked at Calum disbelief. I can't believe what I saw with my eyes.

I thought it just a rumour like what Ashton said.

"Huh, you easily make another girl took my place in your heart? It's fucking easy for you to forget me?" I pushed his chest.

Calum held my hand but kept his mouth shut.

"Calum! Answer me! Just why?!" I hit his chest with all my strength.

"You make me like a fucking idiot for remember about you everyday and you easily throw me away? I thought Ashton was wrong about you and her. But he's right" I looked at him with teary eyes.

I'm not asking for his sympathy but my heart just broken into pieces. I can't fix it anymore.

"Girl, he's over you. Just walk away from here or this house. He didn't need you anymore. He's only need me" that bitch talked to me and her voice just fucking annoyed me.

"Am I talking to you? Just shut your fake lips before I punched your fucking face" I moved toward her but Calum stopped me in the middle of my way.

"Just go away,Nat. I have my own life now and you should do the same thing too" Calum finally spoke up.

"You means it Calum? Huh?" I wiped my tears. Calum slowly nodded but he looked away.

"Fine. I won't disturb your fucking life again. You can do whatever you want but...I still gonna be here because that three boys need me more than you" I walked to downstairs. I can't sit in the house when that bitch was upstairs.

I walked out from the house and the memories were hitting me. I remembered everything that we did when we still in love.

He said he loves me. If he really do, he won't easily get back with his ex girlfriend.

I thought I'm special for him but it ended up no.

Calum's pov,

Natashya stormed out and walked away from me. I heard the door's open across me.

"I thought you changed,Calum. You really played with her heart" Ashton shook his head.

"I changed okay. She's the one wanna broke up and not me" I mad to him. Ashton knew nothing about us.

"And you know what, Kristen years ago I do like you because of your kindness and loyalty. I felt sorry when Calum ditched you because wanna chased the fame. But even both of you broke up, you got the job as a model and now you're quite famous too. I just wondering, why you still want him after what happened. You wanna pay the revenge huh? That's all you want? You want Calum to feel what you felt years ago. Am I right?" Ashton looked at Kristen who's wrapping her hand tightly onto my bicep.

"Why you talked that to her? I knew her longer than you" I gave my death glare to him.

"Idiot, we went to the same fucking high school. Oh, I'm glad Natashya leave the dumb boyfriend like you" Ashton walked downstairs too.

Why he made me looked bad? Why?

I knew they'd not in the same high school, its just a fanfic alright? To make it look better.


Hopefully for the hq pictures of his blonde hair on his birthday.

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