Chapter 48

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Chapter 48

Saturday couldn't come any sooner and now it was here I was overly excited for it. I tied the shoelaces on my shoes when I hear Harry come through the door, his niece hugging his back tightly as Harry had been giving her piggy back rides all day. All three would leave Monday morning to head back home and it might sound bad but it would be good to sleep in my own bed again. I look up from my crouched position to see the two at the doorway, Harry's smile bigger than ever and Elena looked pleased with her plenty of piggy back rides.

Harry kneels down so Elena could hop off him, 'Elena has a question to ask.' He mumbles continually holding Elena's hand as she hopped off from his back. When I stood up from crouching, Elena jogs over, her hair whipping all over her shoulders.

She stands in front of me, smiling with her hands intertwined in front of her stomach, 'Can you do my makeup?' she asks shyly as she swings her body side to side and I eye up to Harry. His shoulder leant on the doorframe as he shrugs at me with a slight grin.

I cross my arms peering down to her. At such a younger age I really wouldn't do makeup on such young skin, but if Gemma were to approve I think I could put natural, lighter makeup on her. At her age, she had such smooth skin, rosy cheeks and big eyes so big she really didn't need makeup. I mean she was like, six, she had no skin problems anyway.

'If your mum says yes, I will.' I say to her dearly when she drops her smile and her eyes droop at the edges.

'But mum will say nooo.' She whines as she spins grumpily walking to the door. I watch Harry chuckle at her, rubbing at her shoulder as she stomps past him and out to the lounge room. Harry leans off the door and walks towards me as I grab my handbag from the bed and swing it onto my shoulder.

Harry reaches me, places his hands on my waist and looks down at me softly. His beautiful green eyes were sparkling against the sun rays. 'You ready, baby?' he dryly asks as I nod my head, lifting myself on my toes, pecking my lips onto his lightly.

Harry had fallen sick. He woke up days ago with a headache that he still can't shake off and his stomach kept on churning, with or without food. But he still wanted to join us today. I told him to stay home and rest but he insists that he is feeling better and that he can make it through today. He is lying.

'Your last chance to stay home, Harry.' I say lifting my hand to his forehead feeling the heat from him onto my palm. He grimaced against me rolling his eyes.

'Anna, I am a man. I can get through today.' he whines rolling his head around. I caress his cheek chuckling at him.

'No, you're a child.' He steps away when Elena walks into the room, a sad expression on her face barely noticing Harry and I's actions. I was expecting a eww but she seemed to ignore it.

'Mum said no.' she grumbles, hands limp beside her body and her eyes continued to be droopy. She frowns when I bow down to her and I reassure her that there is always a next time to which she kindly smiles at.

We left soon after, travelling to the inner of the city. We planned just to walk around, grab some lunch, then continue to shop and then attend this small fair that was a few suburbs over. We had lunch at this small restaurant I've never heard of but the kids seemed to like it and seemed to have been here before when they excitedly knew their order already. The place wasn't too bad, I ordered a chicken breast with some salad, Harry ordered the same and Gemma ordered some type of seafood platter which is the reason why I sat on the other side of the table. I cringed every time I took a sniff of seafood, Harry would just chuckle quietly.

After the meal, the kids wanted to buy some newer clothes. We went to the closest mall and they ran around with Gemma, store to store, while Harry and I went our own way to buy us some stuff. I remembered Harry saying earlier on in the day that he wanted new tracksuit pants for bed considering he wears them nonstop every night. We had stopped by Nike where Harry picked up some plain black tracks and I myself bought some leggings.

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