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"Alright team, we're rematching Delta," Marlon announces, approaching the group.
"Are you serious? There's other teams we could verse-" Brody began.
"Delta really wants a re-match to 'prove their superiority' but we'll show em!" Marlon smiles confidently.
Mitch soon speaks up "I wouldn't mind a rematch," he shrugs.
Brody sighs "Whatever, lets get this over with then."

"Where the hell-" Clementine practically pulls apart the whole dorm room to try and find her lucky metal bat, "Where could it be? The game is today" she thinks to herself as she looks under the bed for the 5th time.
"What are you looking for?" Violet asks, leant against the door frame.
"My bat, I can't find it!" Clementine says, distressed.
"Maybe theres one you could borrow?" Violet suggests.
"I guess that's my only option."
Clementine rushes over to Marlon, "Do you have a bat I could use, I can't find mine."
Marlon turns to the brunette "Yeah of course, we've got some wooden ones in the shed," he points in the direction of the equipment shed.
Clem nods before jogging off to grab the wooden bat.
She practices a few swings, "it isn't in great shape, but it'll do," Clementine thinks to herself, swinging  her arms around in a certain motion once again.
"You ready?" Louis says, frightening the shorter girl slightly.
"Um yeah, I think..." Clementine rubs the back of her neck anxiously.
"Try not to stress, you've got this!" He smiles cheerfully before running onto the field.
Clementine soon joins him, as she runs over she notices Delta's coach giving her the stink eye.
"Okay game plan!" Marlon announces, as the team huddles together.
After discussing the scheme, the group splits apart.
"I just gotta grab something from my bag, I'll be back just before the game starts, alright?" Marlon says, jogging off into a different direction.
Everyone gets in position, Clementine notices that Marlon still isn't here yet and neither is the Delta coach. Marlon returns, allowing Clementine to feel relief.
Mid way through the game Clementine begins to feel anxious, Delta was doing amazing, as if they knew everything her teamed had planned. To make it worse her bat wasn't too great either. A few minutes pass before it's Clementine's turn to bat. Her team was one point away from losing the game, this is her chance to keep her team in the game. She sallows her fear and picks up her bat, before she was even ready the ball was hurling at her. Luckily she manages to hit it, resulting in the top half of the bat to snap into two.
"Shit," she curses.
"Clementine! Quickly run!" Brody shouts, the opposing team had already gotten a head start. Clementine bolts towards the first base, but it was too late, Delta had taken the last point. "This was all my fault," Clementine thinks to herself.
"Yo Clem, what happened to your bat back there?" Louis looks down at the broken baseball bat.
"I don't know it just broke, it was in terrible shape," Clementine responds, picking up the destroyed bat.
"That's weird, we recently got a new shipment of equipment. They should of worked perfectly," Brody adds.
"This is all my fault isn't it?" Clementine buries her face in her hands.
"What? No way, blame the bat," Louis comforts, he points at the broken wooden bat in the shorter girl's hand "this is your fault."
Clementine couldn't help but giggle.

As Violet begins to head over to where Clementine is standing she notices someone familiar in the distance. Upon a closer look the blonde realises who it is. "Minne?" She calls out. Minvera turns to face Violet and stares in shock.
"Violet?" She responds, before hugging the other girl.
They pull away from the hug and already Violet had multiple questions.
"I thought you got sent home?" She asks.
"I... I did. I really fucked up, and then they sent me to Delta" Minvera doesn't make eye contact with her ex, "But...it's best that I stay there anyways."
"What about Sophie?"
"She's fine. At home enjoying the many luxuries."
Violet doesn't respond.
"Look, Violet whatever we had...I'm not going to let it get in the way of my training" Minvera straightens her posture.
"You've changed, Minvera," Violet breathes.
"Maybe it's for the better."
Clementine approaches the two "Is there a problem?" She raises a brow.
"No, not at all," Minvera responds, her face still a blank expression, "Now you know I meant what I said, about how we'd win this game."
Clementine tries to contain her pure anger and huffs "That was foul play, you all kept going when my bat broke."
"Maybe you should of gotten a better bat next time," Minvera says smugly before walking off.
"Don't worry, Clem. You did great," Violet smiles, kissing the girl's cheek briefly. Clementine smiles widely.

As Clementine finishes packing up she finds her bat, leant against the equipment shed wall, it wasn't there before. Clementine frowns and grabs the bat before returning to her dorm room.

I hope you all enjoyed today's chapter! I'm working on another Violentine book that I'll publish when I finish this one or when I come close to finishing it.
- Author

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