❣ Introduction

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"Welcome to Aphrodite's realm"

Welcome, welcome! Please have a seat in one of our fluffy chairs. Tea? Coffee? Or a cup of love?

Are you all ready for the newest exciting news from the ChickLit Team? Oh, you are? That's great to hear because it is with beaming faces and jumpy feet that we introduce to you our newest project that will surely inspire, motivate and influence all of you - Ask Aphrodite!

Not only it is filled with words of warmth and wisdom (*cough* excuse us, Athena *cough*), we also have a very special guest that we're sure you'll all love!

Please turn on the spotlight and roll-out the red carpet for none other than the most beautiful goddess of love, Aphrodite!

Aren't you all excited? You better be, because this is just the beginning of a love-filled journey ;)

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