Chapter 31

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"Open the door already, Seth!" I giggle, stumbling against him.

"Shhh." He laughs finally pushing the door open.

I swear we've been standing here for an hour. As soon as we're safely inside he pushes me against the wall and smashes his lips against mine. I moan shoving my tongue in his mouth and practically climb him like a tree and wrap my legs around his waist. Seth grips my butt and carries me to the bar spreading me across the top our lips never parting. I raise my hips up and grind against him and he groans.

"So we can't fuck on the couch but you two can go at it on the bar, that's fair." Sawyers voice startles me and my forehead collides with Seth's.

"Ow." I whine rubbing the spot.

We both take a look at the couch to see Sawyer and Olivia in their usual places, while a show plays on the tv.

"I've never kissed a friend like that." Olivia says with a smirk.

"I have." Sawyer chuckles and Olivia smacks his arm.

Seth pulls away, grabbing my hand and guides me to his room. I stumble down the hallway laughing the entire time.

The door at the end of the hallway opens, a sleep rumpled Dawson standing in the opening. "Is there an elephant in the hall?"

"Ryan's drunk, go back to bed Daws." Seth says and tugs me inside his room, slamming the door behind us.

I hit the floor tripping over my own feet and start laughing. "I'm not drunk Seth."

He drops to his knees and grips my foot. "How about we take these shoes off before you break an ankle."

I nod and lie back spreading out like a starfish. My feet feel instant relief as soon as Seth removes my booties. These jeans are so uncomfortable, why can't clothes look cute and feel good too? I grab the edge of the bed and pull myself up off the floor, undo the button of my pants and start dragging them down my legs.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, Babe!" Seth says grabbing my hands.

"Seth they're already down to my knees, I think it's too late." I giggle and push him away.

As soon as I try to pull the jeans off of one foot I fall back on the bed. Seth pulls them the rest of the way off and I sigh. Much better. I manage to get my shirt over my head and slide under the cover. The room goes dark when Seth turns the light out and I hear him shuffle around the room as he  undresses. Something pushes uncomfortably against my chest, ugh my bra. I sit back up and take it off. Just as I go to lie back down Seth shoves a shirt over my head and I tuck my arms through the holes.

"Thanks." I mumble falling back on my pillow with a tired yawn.

Seth climbs in beside me and envelopes me in his arms. He kisses the back of my neck and whispers. "Goodnight Babe."

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