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Copyright (c) Michelle Jo Quinn 2019, Quinn 2019
Cover by: Liz Durano
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Soooooo I did it. I bit the bullet. After seeing and reading the rules and prompts for Open Novella Contest, I decided I'm too weak to stay away.

Here's the prompt:
The main character is assistant to a party planner and she's forced to plan an engagement party. Only problem is she doesn't believe in love. The client asks her to help plan the proposal.

Within 24 hours, a muse appeared and a story bloomed. This is gonna be a fun one!

Juniper Westwood has a plan--save enough money to see the whole world. The worst thing she can think of is not reaching that goal before she kicks the bucket. Time's a-ticking.

No, scratch that...the worst thing is falling in love. She just doesn't believe Happily Ever After exists.

Lucky for her, everyone else does, and she works for a company that makes a business out of it. She's assistant to party planning extraordinaire, Julia Harris.

This time around, Boss lady is giving her the reins. Help a romantic and clueless but rich client plan the ultimate proposal that will be remembered for all eternity. Once successful, she'll be responsible for the engagement Party and the wedding of the century.

Then with the commission, she can fulfill her goal and cross off her travel list one by one.

Except someone wants to derail her plans...

Thorn on her side, best friend to the wannabe groom and unapologetic playboy, Benedict Logan, who'll do anything and everything to keep his best mate from making the biggest mistake of his life.

Can Juniper stop him from ruining it all, or is he a formidable enemy? Maybe it would be easier to fight him off if she doesn't always end up in his bed.

I'll leave author's notes at the end
I'll do my best to write and finish this by end of March.
If you're joining the adventure, know that I'll be writing as I go. This is 100% pantsy authorship.
If you spot a typo, please let me know. Much appreciated.
Votes are awesome. Comments are treats!

PS This is a STEAMY book. The hero has a filthy mouth. The heroine has equally dirty thoughts. It contains languages not suitable for the faint of heart. You've been warned. then head off to the story.

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