Dirty Mirrors.

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    Onika Tanya Maraj
New York
  6th October 2016

    "A toast," Beyoncé started while handing me a beer in the small kitchen, "to the start of our life together

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    "A toast," Beyoncé started while handing me a beer in the small kitchen, "to the start of our life together."

We had just unpacked the last box of kitchen utensils into our new apartment.

"To all of our new memories together, good or bad. And most importantly to lots of uninterrupted sex."

She smirks at me, clinking the necks of our beers together gently. I watch her lick her lips after a sip, knowing damn well that I'd be staring at the action.

"Staring isn't very polite girl."

"How can I not when you're the view?" I duck in for a quick kiss and feel her lips pull into a grin.

"Let's go watch a movie in the room; I know you're a little tired." My shoulders slump at the words, earning a small laugh from Beyoncé. "C'mon, I'll even let you put on that documentary about doughnuts you've been dying to see." She twines her fingers with mine then pulls me towards our room.

"Just let me take a shower first, okay? All this moving makes me feel a little gross." Beyoncé hops onto the bed, waving her hand lazily at me.

"Whatever you say."

I slip into the bathroom, looking around at the space. We loved the mirrors; they were incredibly large and wrapped around an entire wall with the countertop. I tug off my shirt and shorts, sitting on the counter in the thin cotton boy shorts and bra.

My mind drifts back to the day we looked into this place, how Beyoncé cornered me in here when the realtor wandered to the bedroom.

How her raspy voice whispered, "God, I want to you to watch me fuck you against this counter. Can't you imagine? I can feel how wet you'd be for me." She bit my ear playfully, and then walked out as if nothing happened.

My hand creeps down past my waistband, sliding my fingers into the wet folds. I begin to rub my clit only to have the door swing open and reveal Beyoncé.

Her eyes flash down my body, then back to my face with a lustful glint in her eye. With two strides, she pulls me down for a hard kiss, grabbing my hand out of my boy shorts.

"You think you're going to get away with fucking yourself while I sit in the next room waiting?" I try to reply but she cuts me off again. "You're misbehaving. I think it's time I teach you a lesson."

Her hands grasp my waist and lift me off the counter. Her lips are hard on mine, and I moan. With a practiced hand, she snaps my bra off, immediately pinching a nipple with one hand while the other wraps into my hair.

I brush my tongue against her lips, asking for permission. She does not even let me try to dominate, taking control of the kiss.

"Time for punishment," she says in that raspy voice.

I can feel the wetness seeping through my underwear. Beyoncé turns me around and bends me against the counter. My breasts tingle at the feeling of the cool tile as she rips my underwear down my legs.

Her plump lips drag up my spine, pressing wet kisses every few seconds along the way. I shudder at the contact as they meet the shell of my ear.

My eyes meet hers in the mirror as she whispers, "God you're so fucking wet for me baby. I'm going to fuck you so hard that when we visit your family tomorrow, you'll still feel me between your legs."

My hands clench the edge of the counter as she presses in a finger teasingly. A moan escapes my lips, echoing against the walls loudly.

She adds two more unexpectedly, moving them slowly. She smirks as I begin to pant. I rest my head against the tile, only to feel her pull my head back up quickly and stops moving her fingers.

"Watch yourself as I fuck you. If you look away, I stop. Do you fucking understand?"

My head nods, a small whine leaving my lips at the loss of contact. Her fingers reenter quickly, picking up a faster pace than before.

I watch myself moving against the edge harshly, and feel myself dripping down my legs slightly. My knees begin to shake slightly as I get close to my climax, but cut off abruptly.

"Did I say you could cum?" Beyoncé demands, licking her fingers slowly while I watch.

"N-no." I shift my weight, rubbing my thighs together in hopes of some sort of friction. She slaps my ass lightly and pushes a leg between mine.

"You cum when I say so. Now get on the fucking counter." She growls.

I pull myself up shakily. Her hands grip my knees and spread them. Beyoncé kneels before me. My breath hitches when her tongue meets my folds.

"Fuck Bey," I moan out loudly.

Her nails dig into my thighs slightly as she hums against me. Her tongue laps at the wetness greedily, and then slips a finger back into my heat.

"Fuck baby right there. Oh fuck. Fuck."

She adds a second, sucking lightly on my clit as her fingers pick up the pace. "Shit baby, I can't hold on much longer."

Her brown eyes meet mine, and I desperately try to hold on to the last shreds of control. My whole body is shaking as I watch her fuck me harder.

"Cum for me Nicki," She rasps out, delving back in to flick her tongue on my clit.

I moan loudly, every muscle tightening in my body. My back falls slack against the mirror, one hand clasped on my neck and the other in Beyoncé's honey dark hair.

I let out a final throaty moan as every inch of my skin feels on fire. She pulls out slowly, licking each finger clean while she does so. I watch tiredly, my chest gasping for air.

"Come here." I ask quietly, motioning for her. She stands up and leans in for a long kiss. "You're going to be the death of me, I swear," I mumble against her lips. She laughs loudly, kissing me once more. "I love you Bey."

"I love you too. Now let's get you cleaned up so we can learn about doughnuts."

She helps me off the counter and pulls her clothes off to join me in the shower. I grin at the sight and follow her into the cool water.

I think I'm going to love living here.

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