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Warnings: this is NSFW so don't read if you don't like sexy stuff and uhh yeah! Enjoy because this is the last kind of non-kinky one...except maybe Sasuke, I haven't decided how Sasuke would have sex yet ;)

Contains: Slight bondage kink, oral, some sexy talk,  fluffy dominant Shikamaru

The Nara groaned as his dark eyes fluttered open from the bright sunlight that was flooding in through the glass window panes shining directly on his face. Normally Shikamaru would be able to roll over and go right back to sleep but for these last few weeks the lazy genius has been struggling to sleep, his mind that was always analyzing through a million scenarios at once was working in overdrive rendering him unable to get his normal levels of rest. The Jonin commander pushed himself up against the bed frame and slowly stretched his stiff muscles.

The cold air blew against his exposed chest and as he was going to pull himself back under the covers that rested around his hips, they were thrown off of him and the bed leaving only the small sheet as protection against the crisp morning air. Shikamaru's lidded eyes looked to the occupied spot beside him. Sprawled out on your side, your skin contrasting against the deep green sheets, you laid scantily clad. His love.

Your hair was splayed across the pillow and looked like a halo around you. Shikamaru's hand moved the lock of hair that was covering your face and he smiled slightly at how your nose crinkled from the featherlight touch of his fingertips. The sunlight was shining down on half of your doll-like face and to Shikamaru it was the most beautiful sight in the world, you were like an angel. Your smooth, rose pink lips were parted and you mumbled about kicking someones ass, he wondered once again how someone so pretty was so wild.

His brown eyes trailed down your peaceful face and looked at the rest of your body not hidden by the sheet. The thin material of your shirt did little to hide the swell of the perfect curve of your womanly chest that moved with each breath you took. He gulped at the lewd thoughts that kept plaguing his mind when seeing your chest and the slight bit of cleavage showing. Shikamaru had never been overly into girls and for the longest time sex sounded like so much work but since you had started sharing a bed (before that too but he's to stubborn to admit it) he'd been feeling more and more into the idea of sex.

No that's not right, he was practically bursting with the want to make you his, he was possessive in a non aggressive way, what real man wouldn't be and the more he was with you the stronger his desires had become. He was a man, that much he understood, but he was a lazy man so the desire to ravish you in exciting ways baffled him. You truly were troublesome in every sense of the word, even when you were sleep you tempted him like some kind of perfect seductress.

Throughout your movements in the night your thin sleep shirt had ridden up and he could see the dip of where your hips met your waist, a small scar etched into your skin. His fingers traced lightly over the scar and Shikamaru let out an amused huff at himself, the person he had become all because of a stupid troublesome girl that befriended him and Choji all those years ago. Shikamaru wanted an easy and simple life: a plain wife, two kids, and an easygoing Shinobi career but when you happened, you ruined all of his dreams for the future.

You were beautiful and he thought you were out of his league. You also never made anything in his life simple, instead of a lax career you had lit a small ember in him and he became the Jonin commander at 16, was the strongest member to come from his clan, and with you his live was never ending excitement. It was such a drag. You rolled over and threw your leg over his and Shikamaru (stupidly) decided the best way to help control his issue was to hold you close, maybe if he just held you it would all go away.

He slid back to laying on the bed and pulled you into him, he knew exactly the ways to hold you without making either of you uncomfortable, years of cloud watching had made holding you like second nature. When he moved your head to rest on his shoulder, he rested his head atop yours, smelling your light and fruity scent. He let out a content sigh and let his eyes shut once more, enjoying the relaxing feeling of just laying together in sleep.

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