Chapter 8

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After dinner my parents left because Tom and I had an interview the next day and needed to get some sleep.

Already in bed, Tom whispered "Y/N, are you still awake?"

"Yeah, what's up Tom?" I asked

"I love you" he said and kissed my cheek.

**yeah I know! He is a total cutie! (And he is mine! Hahaha just kiddin!)**

"I love you too." I replied

And we fell asleep.


It was the next day, and as always Tom got up earlier than me. "Y/N!! Wake up sweetie! We are having breakfast now!!" He said and kissed me

"Hi Tom" and I kissed him back.

I woke up and got into the kitchen, while we were having breakfast Tom asked "hey...emm... About the interview..."


" do you think, if they asked, that we are together? You know I don't like to talk much about my personal life, but in this case is you Y/N, so if it was for me, I would love to tell the world I'm in love with you" he said, aww he was so sweet.

"I know Tom, it's just that I would love to do it too, but-" I was cut by Tom "but you don't want papparazi all around us bothering us right?"

"Well yes, but also I wouldn't like to be known as just your girlfriend, don't get me wrong, but I would love to be recognised as 'Y/N, the actress who is dating Tom Hiddleston, her best friend' do you understand Tom?" I asked, I was feeling really bad, his face changed, he wasn't showing his beautiful smile anymore. **I'm sorry, but it's true, if I was recognised as his girlfriend would be really different than being recognised as an actress.**


"Yes, Y/N, I do understand." He said.


It was the afternoon, and we both were having an interview together to promote our film.

"Hello, I am here with Tom Hiddleston and Y/N, so guys tell me about the movie." The interviewer said, she was a 40 year old lady, blue eyed and tall.

"Well Sarah, this is a romantic comedy movie, which I really enjoyed filming, it has lots of laughter and also lot of love and romance." Tom started.

"It talks about two best friends that after having really bad relationships they realize that the love of their life was always there, in front of them." I continued.

"Wow! That's great, so tell me, what was your first impression when you read the script?" Sarah asked.

"I kinda enjoyed it, it was so funny, I've never done something like this, and it was a real good idea to try." Tom said.

"I loved it since the very beginning, I know I'm not as well known as Tom of course, I always played small parts on theatre plays, and having the opportunity to work in something as big as this was pretty awesome. I've never expected this, and also working with Tom was amazing, he is such a great person." I said

"Ehehehe" Tom laughed

"Aww, that is lovely! Did you guys know, that your fans are shippingboth of your characters?" She asked.

"Oh really?" Tom asked surprised.

"Yes, they call them 'Troychel'" she concluded. **you remember that their characters names were Rachel and Troy right? Hehehe**

"Hahaha wow I've never expected that coming!" I said surprised.

"One last question, how was working with the other felt like? Did you know each other or just met on the set? Cause your chemistry is amazing!" Sarah said.

We both laughed.

"Thank you!" Tom said

"We actually have known each other since we were kids, we were raised together actually and were best friends" I replied.

"But we realized that we were working together on the set, cause nobody told us who was our partner." Tom concluded

"Wow I didn't know that! Hahaha that must be awesome to work with your best friend right?" Sarah said

"Yes it's great!" We both said.



((End of chapter 8!!))


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