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"Hey, are you like...I don't know...strictly straight? Like, are you serving flag pole vibes? Or are we talk, like, bendy ruler level straight?"

Gaige stared with heavy lids at Penny who playing with the gum in her mouth as she verbally announced what she was texting to her latest attempt. The cafeteria was as lively as ever around them. Carmen was gone on some science field trip, and Simon was hurriedly finishing homework for his English class after lunch, so he wasn't much help to the quiet lunch table.

Once she had assumingly sent the text, Penny sighed and looked up at Gaige, "Isn't so hard when all the cute girls are straight?"

Gaige's expression was deadpan at the younger teenage girl.

"Oh, right. You're straight. It's better when the cute girls are straight," Penny sighed again, her shoulder slumped. But, a moment later, she pursed her lips, "Unless you're gay and you don't care about any of the female species?"

Gaige's expression did not change. He honestly couldn't remember if this was the first time Penny had asked him something along these lines. But knowing enough of her as he did, he wouldn't be surprised. And he didn't doubt he didn't give her a solid answer then either.

"I don't care about either."

Simon's head bounced up to look at Gaige, who stared back, for only a moment, before going back to staring at his paper and chewing on his pencil. Penny tilted her head, the bun of hair on top flopping over with the movement.

"Oh. Asexual? Aromantic? Or something more like bisexual?" Penny's eyes were narrowed like she was trying to figure out some large, complex puzzle. Gaige didn't think it was that complex. He fucked who he fucked, and it just happened to be like that.

So he shrugged, "I'm not good with words," Penny narrowed her eyes into thinner slits. Her peach-colored lips pursed further out, contemplating her next move, next question.

But Gaige saw Adonis searching over the tips of heads, his eyes locking with Gaige's before falling to his feet and weaving through the various tables. It had been two days since Gaige had blown up in the little green room and had sparked the idea of Adonis' new documentary for the summer film fest. How Adonis planned on doing a documentary and a film at the same time was beyond Gaige's motivation.

"So, what I think you're saying is-"

"Gaige," Adonis found Gaige in the crowd and -fortunately cut off Penny. Gaige shifted his attention between the two before -obviously- landing on Adonis. Who was looking at the pitiful amount of people at the table, and clutching the paper in his hand, "Uh, hello."

"Hey," Gaige wrapped his arms around himself and sucked in a breath, unsure what to expect.

"Well," Adonis sucked in his lips, and chewed on it for a moment, before presenting the paper in hsi hand to Gaige, "I drew up a contract. I...we didn't talk too much about what was going to happen, so I made it pretty basic. Just saying I have yours and your parent's permission to film you and show your film. So I need yours and your parent's signatures before we film so I..you know...don't get sued," Adonis' face turned pink with a little bashful smile.

Gaige could see Penny and Simon focusing closely out of the corner of his eye but he ignored them, instead, taking the paper from Adonis. As the master of skimming and never reading, Gaige gather the 'contracted' was essentially like the permission slips you had to get your parents to sign in the third grade to even go to the park for a school party.

"Sign this," He held the limp paper up as if showing an example, "And then I'll be famous from your little film?"

Adonis twisted his converse sneaker on the cafeteria floor, still playing with his lip between his teeth, "Well, we can try. Uh, I should also probably get your number so I can text you when we can meet and go over our...plan? And when we can film and stuff," Suddenly, Adonis is flipping around to his backpack on his back, digging in it, and looking as awkward as ever until he pulls out a pen and a little slip of ripped paper, "Uh, here. Right your number down and I'll contact you later?"

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