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I hope she was still awake it was freezing out here. I didn't take much with me when I left Mexico. I also didn't have much. When I first moved there, I had just hit it big. Little tip don't cheat with wealthy powerful men. They'll go to the ends of the earth to find you and kill you.

Well only if you make it noticeable. I grabbed my money and ran to another country. I wasted most of it on building my own house. A little cabin in the woods with about 10 acres. Then I wasted the rest on my beautiful all black Arabian horse, Jasmine. Payed a good price for her.

All that money was gone in about 3 years. After that I had debt I couldn't pay off. So, I ran off again taking nothing put a couple hundred dollars I stole, my horse, and the clothes on my back.

Nothing in my house had sentimental value to me. I ran out of Mexico and went straight for America never turning back. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll ever go back. I missed it and I missed Mrs. and Mr. Garcia. They died because of me...

Pulling myself out of my depressing thoughts I hitched J to a post outside. Knocking on the door I wait until I hear shuffling at the door. "Sadie, It's me open up!" I knock again a little harder.

"Come on Sadie it's me Elizabeth!" I slightly cringe using my full name. I put my ear to the door and hear mumbling then footsteps getting closer to the door. Pulling back a man opens up the door.

"You don't look familiar to-" Then the world went black.

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