part 5

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At that moment, I feel Can's lips touching mine. My eyes suddenly close and we are lost in the moment. It sparks a flash in my memory. That same feeling. That same night when a stranger kissed me in the dark. What was happening????

At first Sanem thought she was imagining things. She recognised the same feeling she had felt when she kissed a stranger in the box as soon as Can kissed her. It was confusing. As her eyes were closed and lips stuck to Can's, her photographic memory came in to play and flashed images of her kissing her Albatross. She cherished the moment. The kiss stopped and she opened her eyes to see Can staring at her lovingly. She was in a trance, and could not hear Can calling her name multiple times. He placed his hand on her rosy cheek which made her come back to her senses.

"Can. What is happening?"
"I mean, we kissed Sanem."
"I know we kissed but... You... I mean..."

She was lost for words. She flashed her hand in front of her face to try and get rid of the imaginary bubble which was there.

"Sanem. Are you okay?"
"Can, when we kissed - did you not feel it too?"
"Feel what Sanem?" - Can said smirking and giggling almost as if he wanted to tease her.
"It's you." - Sanem says with utmost confidence and happiness in her voice. She had the biggest smile on her face.
"What's me?"
"Albatross. Yaani it's you. The man I kissed in the dark on the company's 40th anniversary. My Albatross. It's you."
"Evet, it's me."

Sanem was absolutely shocked. At the same time, everything she ever wished for had come true. The man she grew to love immensely was in fact the man she kissed in the dark. She excitedly jumped up and wrapped her arms around Can's muscular neck. After a few seconds, she released him and said...

"Can. I can't believe it!!! It's you. You're the albatross - I mean how? How is this possible? I can't breathe properly. You're the one i've been looking for. I'm shaking and..."

Before she could continue, Can took her hands in to his and kissed them. She shivered from the kisses before pausing and then she said,

"Can, why aren't you shocked to know it was me who you kissed?"
"Because i've known Sanem."
"What? Really?"
"Since when?"

"I was first suspicious that it was you the night you came to my house Sanem. Since i caught you in my living room and pulled you closer to me. Then over the time we spent, I understood I was in fact your Albatross."

"I don't understand, how?" - Sanem asked confused.

"Sanem when we kissed, your beautiful scent took over me. I inhaled it with my lips on your lips and it took control of me. I can remember that scent anywhere. It is like a drug to me. Then i pulled you closer to me when i caught you in my living room and your scent was familiar. I put 2 and 2 together when we were in Agua and you collected the flowers for your perfume. Them flowers from that beautiful scent. It makes me crazy. I knew from your scent Sanem. Actually I confessed it to you when we were both here last time but you were too drunk and fell asleep on my chest before you could hear me."

Before she could react, a tear fell down her eye and she placed her delicate hands on the sides of Can's face. She stroked it sensually and he closed his eyes to lock the feeling in. Sanem then ran her fingers over his lips and he shuddered. She kissed him slowly and passionately like it was the best kiss of their lives.

"Seni çok seviyorum Can. More than someone can ever love anyone in this life."

"Bende seni çok seviyorum Sanem."

Can then wrapped one arm around Sanem's waist and the other around her legs. He lifted her up and took her to the sofa that was fitted in the hut. He put her down and they began kissing one another, only stopping to breathe. After the beautiful confessions of love and finding out they kissed in the box and he was the Albatross, there was so much love to express.

Sanem took control and whilst they were kissing, she began unbuttoning the white shirt he had on. He was surprised but let it happen. After she unbuttoned the top 3 buttons, she pulled his shirt back to expose his shoulder and neck. She then moved her face down and began kissing his neck. Can moaned slightly, closing his eyes slowly and he titled his head back through pleasure whilst holding her close to him via her waist. They were practically on top of one another. Can was enjoying the feeling of Sanem's lips against his neck. They were both lost in each other's minds, bodies and mouths. Can inhaled her perfect aroma, a very significant part of their relationship. Then the moment broke when Sanem got a call from Ayhan.

She reluctantly stopped kissing Can and answered the call as she knew it could be important and related to the hacker. And she was right. Ayhan had told her that Ahmet invited them to his house as he found the address of the person responsible for framing Can. Sanem told Can this information and he insisted on going with them as he wanted to know himself but also he didn't want Sanem or Ayhan to be in any danger.

They reached the mahalle and picked up Ayhan. The 3 of them drove to Ahmet's house and knocked on the door. Ahmet opened the door and invited them in. Ahmet gave the address to Sanem, Can and Ayhan and it was not shocking news to them. The computer that had been used to hack Can's email and also steal his pictures was located in Aylin's company. Sanem was fuming as to how she could stoop so low and do this to Can. Ayhan suggested going to Aylin's house right now and interrogating her but Can kept calm and told the 2 feisty women that they would deal with Aylin and expose her tomorrow morning as right now it was 10pm which meant it was too late to do anything.

Can dropped Ayhan off to her house after thanking her and saying he'd be forever grateful and indebted to her. She told him not to worry and anything that was important to her sister Sanem was important to her.

Can drove a few seconds forwards to Sanem's house. He did not want Sanem to go because being without her tore him apart, even if it was for a few minutes or hours. He asked her to spend the night at his house. She was shocked and initially refused. Can pleaded with his puppy eyes and she could not say no to him therefore she made her usual excuse to her parents of staying at Ayhan's and told Ayhan to cover for her.

As they reached his house, Sanem was reminiscing yesterday night when she slept next to Can and he was hurting. She felt a feeling of relief and loved seeing Can happy. They spent 2 hours chatting, eating pizza and drinking chai, as well as sneaking a few passionate kisses in. When it turned midnight, Can suggested for them to sleep now. Sanem got shocked and Can noticed this worry on her face.

"Sanem, I said lets go sleep which means actual sleep, not anything else. Sanem, i know what it means for you to take a further step with someone, especially because of your family values. So we will take it slow, until you are ready and whenever you want."

Sanem felt touched and explained nicely to him that she's always been told about intimacy coming after marriage and how it was a strict rule from her parents. She wanted to be married before getting intimate with anyone - even if it did sound a bit cliched. She could have small intimate moments with Can, like earlier when she kissed his neck but there was a limit. She was glad Can understood and she kissed him on the cheek ushering him to go to his room to sleep.

Sanem had her head on Can's chest, able to hear his heartbeat with one arm tight around his waist. Can's arm was tucked under Sanem's head. Sanem had worn Can's clothes as she did the last time they spent a night together in the cabin. They were in Can's bed which was a surreal moment for the both of them. Sanem kissed Can's lips softly and wished him good night. She closed her eyes and fell asleep peacefully in the wings of her Albatross. She had never felt more content in her life. It reminded her of the time she was frightened by the lightening as a child and her father hugged her and comforted her - she felt safe.

In the middle of the night, Sanem's eyes opened as she heard Can stirring. He was saying something but she couldn't quite catch it. He began to get uneasy and started moving. She understood he was having some sort of bad dream or nightmare. She brought him out of his sleep slowly caressing his face, making him wake up and telling him to not worry and relax as he is having a nightmare. As soon as he opened his eyes, he had an awful amount of fear and worry.

She sat him up and gave him a glass of water so he could catch his breath. After having water, he pulled Sanem into his arms. He wrapped his arms around her tiny body and he clutched onto her almost like he was scared of losing her. Tears fell down his face as he hugged her for dear life. Sanem was confused and worried about what was happening.

****to be continued****

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