Chapter 5

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She wasn't crying anymore. She decided that she COULDN'T cry anymore. She needed to be strong and protect those around her. In order to do that, she needed to conceal all of her sadness and pain. After all, Rule number twenty five in the shinobi handbook stated that, "A shinobi must never show their tears."

She wouldn't rid herself of her emotions, she decided, only suppress them. She had to make sure that no one saw how much she was suffering.

She looked at Sasuke who was standing with the other academy students. She had a fierce need to protect him. It was the same with with the Hokage and Kakashi. Almost like her body would easily collapse if she lost one more person. She wanted to protect her precious people. She needed to. She owed it to Iruka-sensei.

Sighing, she looked back at her favorite sensei's casket. He had always wanted her to be happy. He always wanted everyone to be happy.

Right then and there, Naruto decided that she would make everyone happy.

She turned away from the funeral and headed to her apartment. She was a ninja now, she thought, it was time to train.


She headed to the academy one last time. Her face was blank, no one was looking at her so it didn't matter, but her heart was pounding.

Today was her first day as a ninja!

She took a deep breath and started moving a little quicker. She had a feeling that it didn't really matter because she was already early (also she had a sneaking suspicion that her new sensei was going to be Kakashi and he was always late) but she wanted to meet her fellow rookies. Although she was five years younger than them, she felt like she could use her cuteness to her advantage and make them all fall for her. After all, a shinobi needed allies.

When she arrived at the academy, she glanced at all of her surrounding graduates. Most of them were chatting with their friends and occasionally glancing towards the young blonde.

Then, she tilted her head and looked out the window, listening intently. She heard it again, the cry of a small child in pain. It sounded like a little girl. That made her mad. She knew what it was like to be pushed around and bullied and she hated it. She had to protect this mystery girl.

She hurriedly jumped over the desk she was sitting on and flung herself towards the door. Following the sound of the girl's cries, she ran into the snowy forest (A/n: I know that this isn't how it happens in cannon but I don't really care.)

Skidding to a halt, Naruto's eyes quickly assessed the situation before them. It turns out that the person who had been screaming wasn't a stranger at all, it was Hinata, a girl from her old class. One of the only things that Naruto could recall about her was the she was extremely shy and never hurt anyone.

Now, Naruto was furious. She glanced at the four boys who were harassing the girl.

"I bet you think that you're so much better than us 'cause of your stupid clan. Acting all high and mighty! You're just a freak!"

"Look at her weird ass eyes! They're so CREEPY!"

The small girl flinched noticeably at their harsh words. One of the four boys raised his fist in preparation to strike. As he swung it downward, Naruto sprung into action. She quickly pulled a kunai out from the holster at her hip and pressed it against his neck. She then grabbed his attempted punch and twisted his arm behind his back. Stunned, the boy blinked at her owlishly.

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