Chapter 12

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Hikaru was about to pick Kuro back up when he gave him a stern look of disapproval, but his eyes pleading, begging.
“I can walk there, nii-san. I’ll be fine walking for not even five minutes.”
Hikaru has a face of reluctance.
“Please, Hika?”
Hikaru hated that nickname because a)Kuro only uses it when he really wants something and b) he can’t say no to it.
Hikaru finally nods in confirmation and Kuro beams brighter than a thousand suns.
“Thank you, nii-san!!! I promise to be extra careful!” Kuro exclaims, still glowing with happiness(or its from the radiation, but let's go with happiness)
“Your going to walk with Haruhi, don’t think I’m just going to let you walk around by yourself.”
Kuro pouted slightly, his bottom lip poking out a bit.
“You’re no fun, Hika. Kao would let me go by myself,” he muttered.
“No I wouldn’t, Ku. I already told Haruhi about what to do if something happens.”
“It’s only five minutes,” he muttered, slightly depressed that someone has to take care of him. “Cheer up, at least we’re letting you walk around.” “True. Thanks, nii-sans.” Kuro stands up, about to walk over to Haruhi but looks back at his brothers. “I’ll see you guys in a bit,” He says and walks over to Haruhi.

Hikaru and Kaoru sigh sadly as they watch their toy and little brother walk out of the classroom, enthusiastically conversing  about greek mythology. “He’ll be okay, right?” Hikaru asks, still staring at the doorway. “I told Haruhi everything about what to do if something happens while he’s not with us. I trust Haruhi with him. She’s very trustworthy and smart. But even after all of that, I’m still worrying,” Kaoru says in a matter of fact tone that was slowly replaced with worry towards the last sentence. “Well, let's hope for the best.” Kaoru nods.
Meanwhile, with Haruhi and Kuro
“So do you like the beach,Kuro?”
“I don’t know. I’ve never been before, but I’ve seen pictures and looks so pretty. I’ve always wanted to see it for myself but I’ve never been able to.”
“Well, your in for a big treat tomorrow.”
“Are we going to the beach?!?” He squealed.
“Yes, but you have to promise not to tell anyone that I told you because I wasn’t supposed to.”
“Hai! Ooooh, I can’t wait!”
“You also have to act surprised when they tell you.”
“I will.”
After a few minutes of silence, they finally made it to the music room. They opened the door quietly, hoping they wouldn’t alert anyone of their presence. Nobody noticed and Kuro slowly crept behind his brothers.

When he finally reached them, he grabbed them by their shoulders and screamed,



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