Afterparty and Alcohol pt. 1

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Justin and Shawn were currently shopping at a more upscaled retail store in Los Angeles as Justin had an award show coming up and needed to find Shawn something nice to wear alongside him. Shawn was excited. He was curious as to how an after party was like but he was too young to ever go.

Now that he was older and more responsible, Justin felt okay with taking Shawn along. Shawn on the other hand was excited but felt anxious too since he never did anything like this before.

"You okay, Shawn?" Justin asked after noticing Shawn's uncomfortable stature. Shawn simply nodded and looked down at his feet awkwardly.

Justin gripped his hand gently and gave it a squeeze, "I know you, kid. What's on your mind?" Justin nudged his brother, trying to get him to talk.
Shawn's anxiety was eating at him but as bad as it was he didn't want to bother his brother with it.

Especially since it was something as cool as an award show. Sure, Justin had been to plenty before considering he's a popstar, but this will be the first time that he was going to bring Shawn along and Shawn felt that it was too big a burden on his shoulders.

Shawn huffed silently and leaned on his brother, "I don't think I should go to the show, Justy." He said with worry heavily lacing his voice, "what if I say or do something stupid and people make fun of me?"

He looked down at his feet again and Justin wrapped his arm around Shawn's shoulder and kissed his jaw gently, noticing a small bruise that he'd ask about later.

"I think you're thinking too far into it. It's an award show, they usually only ask the artists questions and rarely their "date" anything unless it's something relevant to the show." Justin reassured as he rubbed his brother's arm.

Shawn must have taken his words as confidence because the bubbles in his tummy were fleeting and he let out a smile and bumped into his brother playfully. Justin smirked and slid his hand into his brother's pants and gave him a little wedgie, earning a yelp.

Shawn pulled away and glared at his brother as they were greeted by a salesman. The guy was 5'7, had a deep tan, and pink rings around his eyes as if he went to the artificial tanning beds too often. He creeped Shawn out slightly, so Shawn vaguely stood behind his brother for protection as a small child would.

Shawn was always like that with people he didn't know and on top of that was uncomfortable with. Justin shook the guy's hand and told him he was looking for something formal but also sort of on the smooth/clean side. Nothing preppy is what Justin explained to the guy.

The clerk nodded and went to go find some pieces for Justin, Shawn sat down in the tailoring room as he watched Justin get fitted. Justin looked over at Shawn who was rather quiet and got concerned, "You okay, bro?" He asked after moments of silence from the young teen.

Shawn looked up from his phone and nodded, giving a small smile. He had to admit he was bored since it seemed like Justin's fitting was taking forever compared to Shawn's. Shawn was more simple when it came to his fashion choices as he grew up. He used to always wear flannel and khakis as a younger teen but Justin helped him with his fashion sense since then.

Justin had tried on a couple of different styles and he wasn't really feeling them. He didn't want to get anything custom made because it was too close to the show and he didn't typically care for customs unless it was something important or just bad ass in general.

A couple more hours went past and Shawn was getting agitated with how long this was taking. Justin had put in his order but the clerk was offering all sorts of deals which Justin was intrigued in listening to.

Shawn on the other hand was ready to cry because he didn't get much sleep and things were starting to agitate him more and more. He got up from his seat and stood beside his older brother quietly, listening to the convo.

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