we need to talk cuz im fucking mad and tired asf but hERE WE GO

843 10 96

Hello hello,


Im not okay, I got period and yall know my system of pain

But i survived that,

Also today Phillip bday-

Currently, it is 0:39, I will go to sleep after this chap, im sorry that it is taking me forver to update, and currently im writing French baquette and two war boyfriends (or known as Laflams but ok)

So i jus wanna have a little rant before anything cuz i had an urge to rant abt it, so here we go.


Ok so for thid, if yall do not know what it is, it is an attraction to dead people.

Like, who the fuck fucks a dead body-

That is so fucking disgusting and u h.

I just want it to be stopped, idk politics, and i dont even understand it but they are fighting about stupid stuff and not against of pedophillia and necrophillia (and other sick stuff)

•faking depression/fake self-harming

Ok whoever done this, get the hell out of here.

I had been through a depression countless of times, and even tried to attempted self harm.

Because i was in critical moment of my life, I had low grades and my parents were mad at me.

I know it does sound stupid, but trust me, you dont want to be in my skin.

I was ashamed, of course, and did nothing but to die or to disapear.

I am doing fine now, thank you for asking.

But anyways, days before, i said that my classmate is doing slef harm, and me, being me, tried to help and ask y is she doing and what is wrong.

In that, she fucking laughed off and said that she is doing it for fun.

Like, wtf-

I understand that attention seekers do exist in my class, but why the fuck would you do that?

People are actually dying from self-harming.

And about depression, I know that you can be depressed on whatever God knows thing but faking it??

Dude, my classmates are making fun of depression, like what the fu-

• bullying

I have been bullied, a lot through my childhood.

Idk how many stages of bullying there are but as much as I know, there are Verbal Bullying, Cyber Bullying and Physical Bullying.

Verbal bullying is when they talk to you, when they bring you down and you want nothing more then cry.

I have been there.

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