Chapter 85

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Evelyn’s point of view:

I was falling.

I felt the rush of air that surrounded me, the power of gravity, pulling me down, the heaviness of my body and the friction between myself and the air around me.

At first, I was scared, terrified even… but it wasn’t long until I overcame my momentary fear of death.

The idea of dying scared me, yes, definitely… But there were joys to be found within falling.

As I fell, I felt free, uncontained by the unyielding force that was Zayn.

I was uncontrolled and unrestrained.

My fate was in the hand of another power: gravity.

That excited me a little, knowing there were powers stronger than Zayn. There were things beyond his vast reaches…

I wonder if there was an afterlife. And if there were, would I see the people I love again? Would I see my mother, my father, Alice, Nora, Ethan and Harry? Do vampires have afterlives? Would Harry be there?

Would I see him again if I died?

An image of his mesmerizing green eyes and beautifully tousled dark, curly hair flashed before my eyes. His charming smile and his kind nature… Please, let Harry be there. Let him have an afterlife. He deserves one.

The thought of a heaven without Harry terrified me.

Please. Let him be there…

I don’t want to be without him.


Third person’s point of view:

When the intense current of air stopped, and Evelyn felt a solid object colliding with her torso, she thought it was the end.

She thought she had met her doom and the remains of her human body would be nothing more than a splatter of flesh and blood… Maybe it will scare some scary vampires? Are vampires afraid of blood? Or will they eat me off the sidewalks? She wondered in a moment of optimism. Good luck turning a pile of bloody flesh into a vampire Zayn, she kind of wanted to laugh at herself.

She didn’t want to die, of course she didn’t. Things were looking up for the first time in a long time, and she felt like Zayn was at the brink of a revolution, that it was actually possible to turn things around for him, and for him to change.

And Evelyn wanted Zayn to change.

No, she needed it.

She needed Zayn to rip of his evils and become a better man, for the sake of human race and the future of their planet. A world ruled under a tyrant would forever be a world where its majorities are suffering.

Evelyn wanted to change that, she wanted to make the world a better place. And if that meant she giving up herself to the devil as the devil, then so be it.

I’m so stupid, she thought. You are a murderous psycho. You are incapable of change you bastard.

She thought bitterly. She hated how the moment she found herself believing in him, believing in his lies and his promises of the future, he does something completely stupid and unforgivable to spark off all of her hate for him again.

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