Chapter FortyThree- Hate Is A Word I Use On You

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Chapter FortyThree- Hate Is A Word I Use On You

July 28th: Waxing Gibbous

    We'd been driving for quite a few hours now. Courtney and Andy were sound asleep in the back while Joseph was writing things down in a compacted notebook. I was behind the steering wheel, trying to not think to much of the fact that Lockheart was half inside my seat. Seriously, that was just disturbing even if he was a ghost. 

    "Do you think you could move or something," I said, referring to Lockheart through the rearview mirror. 

    "I'm perfectly content being between this seat. It's quite cozy actually." I squinted my eyes at Lockheart's smirk. Really, the quicker I could get away from him the better because as time went on I was growing more and more annoyed with the guy. How Amanda and Haden had been able to handle him I would never know. 

    Beside me Haden was staring at the window, intently focusing his eyes on anything but me or his brother. Well I guess handling Lockheart had never been Haden's strongest suit and he wasn't very happy with me either. Honestly, this car ride was a joke. 

    "Holy shit turn right now!" Lockheart yelled, now half in my ear leaving me with a super tingling feeling. I manuevered the car right and flung Lockheart a glare, realizing he was still half in my head. How could Amanda and this doofous seriously be twins? 

    "You know, a little more pre-warning would have been nice."

    Lockheart smirked, finally situating back in between the seat. I was more than happy to not have him literally in my head anymore. That wasn't exactly the most comfortable feeling I'd felt in the world. 

    "Don't worry," he replied. "We're almost there which means you'll get to meet even worse people than myself. It's going to be quite the joyous reunion. Isn't that right brother?"

    Our attention was now on Haden who was still making quite a show out of ignoring Lockheart. It was apparent that Haden wasn't going to make a move to speak, but that didn't stop Lockheart. He was intent on teasing his brother until his breaking point. I guess in a way I could see why Haden had left home after the death of his parents. He would have had to deal with this idiot who didn't seem to take a hint. Wasn't he supposed to be good now that he was all ghosty and whatever?

    "Oh come on Haden! Aren't you at least a little excited to see the pack again? They've surely missed you!" Lockheart was smirking like mad now and probably would have been poking his brother in the shoulder if not for the fact that he would have gone through him. "I think as a warm welcome back they'll give you a nice beating."

    Haden sighed, the first noise he'd made throughout the entire trip. I was starting to wonder if the guy had gone mute on the duration of the ride. 

    Lockheart kept throwing jibes at Haden while I focused my eyes on the road ahead. It was growing harder to travel on and the car was bumbing around like crazy. In the distance between quite a few trees I could see specks of light. Obviously that was where we were heading, but I was still worried about what we would be met with. Last time we had a run in with Lockheart's pack that hadn't gone so well and if what Lockheart was saying to Haden was true, they weren't going to like the sight of us. 

    Finally, I pulled up to the front of the house and put the car in park, turning it off seconds later and just staring at the house. Lockheart wasted no time passing through the door and heading inside while Haden looked like he was going to throw up. In the back Joseph was shaking Courtney and Andy awake. 

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