Chäpter Fïve

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Alexander^^ 🤢🤮

Hiya!! So, I figured a few of you would want a chapter in Cayden's POV and I also figured that for that to work out well, I would need to just do a filler chapter. Which is what I did, so y'all enjoy!!

Cayden's P.O.V

We were sitting in the main dining hall for what felt like hours. My uncle sat beside me, his eyes constantly darting around in search of his probable soon to be bride. I felt bad for whoever was given such a task.

The King was talking to Alexander about his troops, or lack thereof, and the Queen was fiddling with her hands, her eyes also darting around her.

I pushed myself back in my seat and crossed my arms over my chest. I was starving, but there was no food present.

Why the hell would you call this breakfast...if there was no breakfast?

The answer was distant even to me and much more to my stomach. Me and Alex had ridden for two days straight, nothing slowing us, not the weather, not sleep, and much less food.

"Excuse me gentlemen. I will return in a moment."

I looked up and over towards the Queen, her face pinched in what seemed to be anger.

She was probably going to fetch her sister. The one that Alex was marrying. I could somewhat sympathize for the poor woman, since she would be stuck with Alex and he was no doubt much older than herself. I knew the Queens sister probably ranged from around thirty to thirty five, but it wasn't too large of a difference.

The Queen stood gracefully and took her leave, neither of the men paying her a single glance.

I went back to starting at the wooden table, studying the deep and natural designs in the surface.

But that's when I heard a slap echo from the hall outside the doors, my sensitive ears picking up the commotion.

My curiosity was almost too strong, but I quickly shut that down, forcefully shutting off my abnormal hearing.

Everyone needed their privacy.

The two Kings continued speaking of their strategies, while I slouched in my chair, my etiquette lessons simply fading from my mind.

Gods, this was boring.

Suddenly, a loud bang made me jump upright in my seat, my eyes flitting across the room and my hand flying to my sword that was sheathed in my belt. If anyone were to attack, we were doomed, since I was probably the only one capable of wielding a sword in this room.

But what I saw only made my stomach drop and my hand tighten over the hilt of my blade.

Oh gods no. Please don't say this was...she wasn't...

She was so young! Maybe a year or two younger than I! This was unexceptable!

A girl with hair the color of wild honey and eyes resembling chocolate stood in the door way proudly, her silver gloved hands extended beside her to hold open the doors.

A slim fitting silver dress draped over her small frame, hugging in her in all the right places and her full lips were enough to tempt any man.

My eyes scanned her face, but stopped on the red mark that covered half of her right cheek.

I tightend my fist over my sword and clenched my jaw. So that had been the slap.

The girl let her arms drop beside her, her lips parting when she heard the Queen approaching behind her.

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