"What's wrong?" Niall asks, looking over at me. 

"Nothing," I say quietly.

 I get puzzled looks from Aleah, and Niall. I sigh, and step out of the car, walking ahead of them, and into the restaurant. That's when I saw someone, sitting in the same place we were last time I came.

Liz, and someone who isn't Harry. I eyed her for a moment, before I whispered something to Aleah, and NIall.

"Niall, Aleah, look" I say quietly, and nodding to where Liz was sitting. Niall's eyes went wide before, he tells the waitress to sit us near them.

Once we were in our seats, Niall shuffles in his chair.

"I'll go see whats going on," I watched as he strolls over to Liz, who hadn't noticed us yet. He stops at her table, and waves. Liz' eyes go wide, and she almost falls out of her chair. She recovers herself, and smiles at Niall, before waving an arm out to the boy sitting across from her. Niall points back to Aleah, and I. Liz glares at me, before giving us a fake smile, and waving.

"Bitch," I say under my breath. Aleah laughs, before waving back.

Niall retreats back to our table, and lets out a puff of air.

"What did she say?" I ask excitedly. He looks from me to Aleah before speaking.

"She just introduced me to that guy," he said picking up his menu.

"And who is he?" I ask.

"I don't know, she only told me his name," he says, pushing his menu away from him. 

"I have a plan," I say slyly. Niall pushes himself on to his elbows. "I shall go over there, and add fuel to our fire, while you guys will go to the car, and wait. I'll record whatever she says, and come to the car. Where we will wait until they leave, and see how...intimate they are," I say. Niall nods slowly. 

"Lets do it," Aleah finally says. 

I stand from my chair, and walk to Liz. I pull out the chair beside her, and sit, not making eye contact with her. I look over to Aleah, and Niall, who are waiting to get my signal. 

"Hey," I say grinning at her. 

"Hi," she says through her teeth. 

"How have you been?" I ask her politely, and looks to her friend. "I'm Emma! I met Liz through some friends of mine. Who are you?" I ask with a huge smile plastered onto my face. 

"I'm John. Liz and I are dating," he says happily. I smile, knowing I had my phone on voice record. I hear Liz groan, and look to see her hand come in contact with her face. 

"Liz, I haven't seen you in a while! What have you been up to?" I ask.

"Oh nothing, just the usual," she states casually.

"Oh, so the usual for you would be to sleep with a different guy every other night?" my eyebrow raises. John's eyes widen and he looks over to Liz. "Or, am I wrong? Because last I heard, you and Harry were together, and now you're here with, John," I say in a strange tone. She looks to John, and I stand. "Well, I must go. They're waiting on me in the car. Goodbye, Liz. John," I say with a smirk, and I walk out of IHOP. 

I rush to Niall's car, and slip into the passenger seat.

"So, what happened?" Aleah asks, leaning from the backseat. I hold up my phone, and wave it back and forth. 

"I have enough proof, so we don't have to wait on them to leave," I say. Just then, I look up to see John walk out the door, followed shortly after by Liz. "Quick, someone get their camera!" I say fumbling with my bag.

"I got it," Niall says, already filming. 

Liz chases after him, and grabs his hand, pulling him towards her. He doesn't look down to her, he just stares straight ahead. She grabs his face, and pulls his to meet her eyes. She talks, but I can't make out her words. Then, she smiles at him, and they kiss. I gasp, and then look to Aleah. Then they walk to a car, hand in hand. I laugh dryly, and watch them pull out of the parking lot. 

"Holy shit," Niall says. 

"We got her," I say.

Harry, will finally be released from her grasp. Set free from the curse that is Liz. I smile, knowing that Harry won't hurt over her anymore, because I'll be there to catch him. I love Harry, and it took me this long to know. Harry is mine.

Only mine.


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