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As I inhaled, I breathed her in. The sweet, fruity smell of her shampoo and that haunting perfume that she always wore. This closeness was calming yet astonishing at the same time leaving me in one hectic sensational mess.

Skye have never asked me to talk about what happened or the details of how I became blind, never the less I wanted her to know. She should know. For the sake of whatever might come in the future I wanted to be an open book. I wanted her to know me from that previous time in my life that got me to where I was.

Clearing my throat, I started the trip to the past. "A couple of years ago I used to play football and my god that year was ours. Most of my teammates were second or third generation football players, so you can say it kindda' in our blood. We never lost a single game that season, the long practice hours and hard work were finally paying off. I'll never forget that day. That day, we played against one of the toughest guys. That was our final game. And god, if you could see the benches, the place was packed. No matter in which direction you turned, there wasn't a single empty space. Crowds cheered nonstop. The smell of freshly mowed grass, popcorn and hot dogs filled the air. Coach looked like he was about to have a stroke at any moment." Skye's laugh played with my heart strings. "Seriously, I've never saw someone look that pale and red." Skye laughed harder making me chuckle too. 

The events that time were all clear in my mind. I kept going, "The tension, the static, the excitement everything was magnified, heighten a hundred times. We played in sync like we never did before and we had two minutes left before the end of the game. Only two minutes to win the game. Those silent minutes where anything could happen and if we lost that game then we lose the whole season and everything we worked for. When we scored that final touch down it was unbelievable and the crowd went crazy, Tigers... Tigers... Tigers..."

I could feel the rush pulsing through me. Recalling the game details with the same enthusiasm that I lived it with. I wished I could share that day with her. Back when everything was fine. Introduce the old me to her. Not this massive mess that I've became. Would she have liked me then?

"That must have been amazing." Skye said. That smile that I liked was clear in her voice mixed with excitement similar to mine.

"It was. Newspapers wrote about it. Local sports news channels covered the whole game. Sports magazines didn't stop writing about our games. It was wild. Different universities, managers, coaches were scouting to find players to join their teams. I had some awesome offers that day. Scholarships, national team. Absolutely mind blowing. Some even had their contracts ready. Everything you could dream about was happening."

I started to get edgy as I reached the next part, "We had this tradition going on, that after winning a big game we would throw this huge party where everyone was invited. That day Kyle hosted the winning party since his parents were out of town and man, that guy threw the coolest parties that made everyone want to attend. After the game I had to meet up with some scouts and since Carmen and I were a thing back then, I asked her to wait for me until I was done so we would go together, you know, boyfriend - girlfriend and all. We had this fight that she will miss the party and needed to go home and change and it will take a long time before I was done. So we agreed to meet there later."

Skye moved a little then settled, "How did you guys meet?" She asked.

I shrugged, "She was a cheerleader, I was in the team. As she put it, we were perfect together and so did everyone else. We had endless numbers of fights. Things between us would be fine for a while, but sometimes we were back to square one."

I never noticed how exhausting my relationship with Carmen was. All signs pointed to what we had wasn't working. "I reached Kyle's house a couple of hours late and looked for Carmen to tell her the news that I was offered a scholarship. I found her with Kyle, in his parents' bedroom, drunk and half naked, kissing. A second later I was bunching my best friend and breaking up with my girlfriend."

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