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After what seems like minutes but is really hours, we both climb down the ladder. I am high with confidence and happiness and make my way down with ease. 

''What are you going to do about getting home?'' The man questions, his sunglasses now neatly tucked into his pocket. 

''I haven't thought of that if I'm honest'' I stammer, the thoughts of Kayla and us driving on the road for hours flashes into my mind. I add, ''Do you know of any hotels around here? I can sort myself out in the morning''. 

The man's brows furrow down onto his eyes and he nods slowly. We walk back up towards the pier and begin the long journey on it. I stare at my feet and the silence wraps around us like a blanket. I can't help but think of the 'You & I' music video as me and this stranger trot down the long stretch of dry wood. I find myself humming the tune slowly. 

I feel his eyes on me and I turn to look at him. 

''This is like one of their music videos'' I sheepishly explain my random humming, ''The band I went to see'' I confirm. 

Even though I cannot see his mouth, I can still tell that he is smirking beneath that pointless mask. He doesn't reply but turns away from me and faces towards him. I study his eyes and they look lost in memory. 

I continue to hum the song for the rest of the walk to the main street. The stranger stays quiet. 


The stranger pays the taxi man and he jumps out of the car, walking around the back of it and opening the car door for me to get out. 

''Thank you'' I nod and get out, following him back to the sidewalk. We watch the taxi drive off and I turn around to face the hotel behind us. It is tall and grand, beautiful accents decorate the building and it is lit up from the inside out. 

The man walks straight into the building and I follow behind. 

The lobby is incredible. A tall ceiling looks down from below and it is decorated with clouds. A giant crystal chandelier hangs down, its gems twinkling as it slowly turns. Red carpets decorate the floors and they look beautiful against the solid navy blue walls. Two wide staircases cradle the front desk and lead off towards what I assume is the rooms. 

The stranger makes a beeline towards the front desk and I don't rush to follow him this time. I take in the breathtaking scenery. There is a fountain, spewing out foamy white water into a pool of bright blue below. 

I hear the man muttering to the other man behind the front desk. He is speaking quietly, almost as if he doesn't want me to hear them. 

I take no notice and carry on admiring the lobby. Golds and blues and royal reds scream out at me and I am wondering how this strange man is going to get a room in this luxurious place. I turn over to the two conversing over the desk. The worker behind the desk looks ecstatic for some reason, raising his brows in admiration. I slowly make my way over to the desk and the stranger grabs my hand and pulls me toward the staircase. 

We both clamber up the marble staircase that is accented with the deep red carpet. We follow the halls down to the very back. The doors are dark wood with golden handles. The keycard swiper looks out of place against the expensive oak and I watch as the mine swipes his card into the machine. A light flashes green and he pushes open the heavy door. I follow him inside. 

The room is dark. I hear a lightswitch flick and the bright whites curdle my vision. White bed, white sheets, white curtains, white furniture. Golden wallpaper clings onto the tall walls and I am struck with a sense of disbelief. Is this a dream? 

The feeling that I shouldn't be here washes over me, and I feel uncomfortable staying in this room that is prettier than I am.

''Is there like a maid's quarters or something?'' I half joke, ''I would fit in better there'' I stammer. I am fully serious. 

The man lets out a laugh but does not respond to me. He walks into the room and pulls back the large puffy duvet.

''Sleep here. There is a fridge and a bar if you need a drink. I will pay for anything you take so don't worry'' He speaks calmly. I notice his sunglasses are masking his eyes again and I wonder if it's because we are in a well lit room. 

''Toothbrushes are in the bathroom'' He directs me to another large door on the left, ''They do have cotton pyjamas in the chest'' He points to a large chest of drawers sitting in front of the king sized bed. He is touring me around this place as if he were a realtor and was trying to sell it to me. Sold. I giggle at my own thoughts.

''What?'' He sounds panicked almost.

''Nothing, you just know this place like the back of your hand'' I laugh it off and instantly stop when I realise that he is not amused. He turns around to walk out of the room and I watch him open the door and leave. The door stops midway and he pokes his head through. 

''Thanks for making my night less boring'' He states coolly before leaving the room. Before I can respond, he is gone, and I am in here alone. 

I strip down to my underwear. I feel tiny in this giant hotel room. Where the fuck have I ended up? 

Before I overthink too much, I run over to the bed and dive onto it, the large soft mattress almost consuming me as I try to stand up. I clamber up not-so-gracefully and fall back onto the bed, giggling at the mounds of feather pillows that break my fall. 

This is unbelievable. This is incredible. What the fuck, Seattle?

Green eyes, bright lights and the cool sea air take over my thoughts as my excitement simmers down and I drift off to sleep. 


The sunlight stretches into the room and when I open my eyes I feel disorientated. It takes me a moment to realise that I am not at home and in fact at a posh hotel in Seattle. 

I sit up, rubbing my eyes roughly and stretching my mouth into a yawn before realising that there is a large tray sitting on the end of the bed. 

Posh ceramic plates and cups are stacked on the tray, accompanied by a jug of orange juice and mounds of food. My eyes take in the piles of scrambled eggs, french toast, mushrooms, tomatoes and bacon and I have to pinch myself one more time to make sure I'm not dreaming before crawling over to the heavenly tray and lifting up one of the plates.

A small piece of paper falls off one of the plates and lands gracefully onto the duvet. I pick it up and hold it in front of my eyes.

*You never told me your name, Girlie. I want to know. - 0554392817 :)*

The black streaky ink is scrawled onto old yellowish paper and I can't help but think that this guy needs a new pen. I am taken aback by these words and read them a few times before remembering that my phone is broken and I can't even text the strange man I met last night. 

A warm feeling settles into my stomach as I replay the memories from last night in my head. I never want to forget the freedom I felt. I find myself wanting to meet this stranger again. 

My new priority is to get my phone fixed, I decide, whilst slipping the precious piece of paper neatly into my bag before getting my hands on this food. 


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