Clover Stark. F.

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requested by @rainripple . This is kind of long, because I actually got really into writing the dynamic between the character and Loki. I like it 🤷🏼‍♀️ that snarky sarcastic dry humor type of love. It screams "Tony Stark's daughter". Anyway, thanks for requesting, sorry about the wait. I hope you enjoy.

Name: Clover Stark (Tony Stark's daughter.)

Love Interest: Loki.

Abilities: Immortality, Asgardian, can control water

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Abilities: Immortality, Asgardian, can control water.

Loki was not the jealous type. The god of mischief had nothing to be jealous of. His powers were unmatched, he was cunning, not to mention easy on the eyes. He wasn't at all shy about his confidence. He knew that he was, to put it simply, a fucking catch. But even so, he found that a certain someone could still get under his skin. His brother. More specifically, his brother when he spent a little too much time with you.

Loki is madly in love with you, his brother knew this, which was the entire reason he started showing so much interest in the first place. But Loki didn't know that, and neither did you. You just thought that Thor was being nice, friendly, and with the lifestyle you lived, friends aren't so easy to come by. So you welcome his overpowering gestures of fondness. Thor is good company, and knows how to keep you smiling.

The key to a girls heart. Laughter.

Your father noticed it though, the way the god would tend to linger. But he knew you weren't interested, and he knew that Thor wasn't either. There was a game being played here, and he had every intention of figuring out what it was.

"Clover Stark." Thor's voice was boisterous even so early in the morning, a bowl of cereal in his hands.

You turned to him with a smile, starting up a fresh pot of coffee. It was a stapple in this household. You drank it, your father drank it, more than half of the team depended on the caffeine intake so early in the morning. So whenever you were up this early, you made it a point to leave some for everyone else.

"Good morning, Thor." You say, leaning against the counter. "What has you up so early?"

"I just finished training with Rogers not too long ago." He says, flexing his shoulder slightly. "Maybe you could join us for a sparing session."

At that, she laughs. Not a humorous laugh, a sarcastic one. "Are you out of your mind? Steve alone would flatten me out like a rug. But you? No way in hell. Ask Nat if you need a female opponent that badly."

Unknown to you, Loki had finally woken up, and was headed towards the kitchen. Thor was counting on him to stick to his usual schedule, not sleeping in too late, but late enough to not be among the first risers in the tower. He heard faint footsteps, ears trained to his brothers tendency to sneak around after so many years of falling victim to his mischief. So with a deep breath, he moved in to execute his plan.

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