"Just speaking the truth," Julian said "So are you sure that not telling Sean is good? He might decide to be all over you during dinner which would give it away"

"Sean's not going to be like that" Kaycee brushed

"What if he tries to do something small though, like kiss your cheek or something?" Julian said

"Good point, I'll probably just let him know no PDA" Kaycee said

With Sean

"That was a weird meeting," Sean said

"Yeah, a few players quit before our first game," Josh said

"Well at least it'll be fun telling Julian he's now on the team," Sean said as he and Josh laughed as this is not what Julian wanted

"Yeah tell me how he reacts," Josh said

"Dude, just get back with Bailey and you'll be welcome to be a part of the crew again," Sean said "At least then you're not forced to hang with Jayy, Mia, and all of them"

"They're fine," Josh said "But honestly dude I don't know if that's a good idea"

"Why not?"

"I guess now I just feel like I'm not good enough for her," Josh said "Like yesterday when I saw Kenneth hitting on her again before I would just think Kenneth is just swinging and missing now I feel like that's how it should be"

"That's crazy you two like each other dare I say love each other" Sean said

"Well tell me this what if you and Kaycee took a break under not so good circumstances would you feel perfectly fine trying to start that up again?"

"I see your point," Sean said as even he could admit there might be some awkwardness between him and Kaycee "But the longer you wait the worse it'll be"


"Glad to see you join us again Jules," Kaycee said

"Yeah nice to be back," Julian said "Tati's crazy"

"Good to see you finally come to your senses," Sean said

"Yeah at first it was normal but turns out she was just trying to get some inside info on you guys," Julian said "She's easily still interested in Sean"

"Told ya," Kaycee said

"Well at least you can now fully focus on Chloe," Bailey said

"Yeah, I already texted her, we're going to try a serious date this Saturday, tomorrow, so I'm not gonna lie I'm kinda nervous," Julian said

"I'm sure you'll be fine," Charlize said

"Yeah you already hanged out with her, dates should be easy" Tahani added

"I hope so," Julian said as he looked up to the new approaching figure "Hey Kenneth"

"Hey everyone you all look nice today, especially you Bailey," Kenneth said

"Get to the point Kenny," Bailey said as this was not the first time Kenneth has tried talking to her since the break

"I want to take you out, I'm being 100% serious this time," Kenneth said "No messing with other girls, no just trying to be with you just because, I want you"

"Kenneth, she can't-" Sean started

"Kenneth, she can!" Kaycee said "She's available Saturday"

"Pick her up at 5?" Charlize added

"Wait a sec-" Bailey tried to say but Kaycee covered her mouth

"Can do, see you Saturday!" Kenneth said while winking at Bailey in the process

"Not cool you two," Tahani said "I'm pretty sure we agreed me and Sean were right about the break ting"

"No, you said we agreed our stance still holds strong" Charlize said

"What?" Julian said as he wasn't there

"So, we were debating what a break was," Kaycee said "Like a break up like what me and Char said"

"Or what Tahani and I said that it's just having space but still together," Sean said

"And since it was still two to two we never had a tiebreaker," Tahani said

"...I have to agree with Kayc and Char" Julian said


"I know but I guess if I was on a break with someone I should expect them to do whatever they want even if that is dating other people since I know that's what I would do," Julian said

"I guess you're right," Bailey said as Sean and Tahani looked at her in shock while Kaycee and Charlize were giddy in happiness "Who knows I might enjoy the date"

"But-" Sean started

"Give it up Sean! You lost!" Kaycee said, "I'm still undefeated!"

"I was just going to say that Josh was going to try to get back with Bailey but..." Sean whispered to Julian as he nudged towards Josh who seemed to have noticed our reactions

"Oh boy," Julian said

"And before I forget, Julian you made the team," Sean said

"Great another thing I have to worry about," Julian said as Sean and a couple others laughed

"Oh by the way Sean no PDA during dinner tonight," Kaycee said

"I can't win anything today" Sean whined as Julian started laughing back at him


(Idea inspired by @bruxinha3131 )

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