When's The Wedding- Wooflan

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Short and sweet.

Rob's P.O.V.

Preston was vlogging as we wandered down the sidewalk, talking animatedly into the camera about what we were planning on doing that day. Lachlan wasn't listening, he was running along the low wall beside the footpath with his arms outstretched, in his own little world.

I smiled to myself as he ran along the wall, completely ignoring everything that was going on around him in favour of being a child all over again. Honestly, who didn't run along a wall beside a footpath when they walked because it was fun.

"So we're gonna go to the office for the morning to record and I think we're doing a challenge video tonight but don't quote me on that." He wiggled his eyebrows and I sniggered, knowing that Lachlan wouldn't be impressed. He didn't like the beanboozled challenge.

"Lachlan won't like it." I took the camera off Preston and turned it to the youngest of the group, who was a little ways ahead of us. "Look at him. In his own little world."

*cough cough*

Preston took the camera back and continued the vlogs, saying that we would be going out to Chipotle for dinner because otherwise Lachlan would never agree to do the challenge. He whispered the last part, even though Lachlan wasn't listening.

As Preston wrapped up the section of the vlog I moved up to walk beside Lachlan, still in his own little world. He didn't even seem to notice that I was beside him, in fact he almost hit me in the head with his outstretched arms because he didn't see me.

Only a few seconds before Preston went to put his camera away Lachlan yelped and tumbled off the wall, falling on top of me. I managed to catch him but I was knocked to the ground, leaving him lying on top of me in an undeniably awkward position.

He looked a little stunned and once he saw the position we were in he went bright red, scrambling off me, all the while whispering hushed apologises. Preston was giggling, pointing the camera towards the two of us.

"When's the wedding?" He giggled, watching at Lachlan scrambled to his feet. He was still bright red and looked away from me, embarrassed, and he rung his hands together. He was also biting down on his lip and although I knew it was a sign of his nervousness it also made him look hot as fuck.

"Sorry Rob." He whispered, barely able to look me in the eyes.

"It's alright Lachy." I smiled, gently squeezing his wrist. "It doesn't matter."

The walk back to the office was a little awkward, Lachlan trailed behind Preston and I, kicking his feet and avoiding the conversation. It was obvious that he was embarrassed by his mishap but I thought it was funny, cute even, so I was smiling the whole way back.

At the office we all separated out into our rooms to record but I was distracted, I couldn't concentrate. I was confused. Lachlan normally never acted flustered around others and only ever around me, but he was never normally that flustered.

I stood up from my chair and brushed my hands on my jeans, heading to Lachlan's office. I knocked gently.

"Come in." He said softly, sounding exhausted.

I pushed open the door to see him on the mattress on the floor, looking like he just wanted to sleep. There were mattresses in my office and his, Preston had a bed upstairs, for in case we slept over and he was making the most of it.

"You good?" I asked, sitting down on the end of the mattress. He looked a little flustered and moved the blanket so it covered his chest but nodded.

"Yeah." He whispered. "I- I'm sorry for earlier, I wasn't concentrating."

"It's fine Lachlan, I told you that earlier. It doesn't matter." He didn't seem to what to look me in the eyes but once I moved closer, gently taking his hand and squeezing reassuringly. "I don't care."

He bit his lip nervously but let me hold his hand, I could even feel his fingers trembling and I felt so bad. I didn't like that he was so shy around me, I knew he could be a lot more outgoing but for some reason he wasn't.

"Why are you so shy around me Lachy?" I asked, placing a finger under his chin so he looked up at me. "This isn't you."

His lip was trembling, which made my heart pang and then jump into my throat. I didn't want to make him cry, that was the last thing that I wanted so I hugged him gently, letting him rest his head on my shoulder. He sniffled.

He was fast asleep within a few minutes. He was already exhausted and after a couple of minutes of me gently running my hand through his hair, curling up against me sleepily without any thought to what he was doing.

"That's it Lachy." I whispered, holding him close. "You're okay."

I saw the tiny smile that graced his lips and I gently leaned down to kiss them, knowing it would be okay. Maybe Preston was right to ask when's the wedding.

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