Tom X Pastel Tord

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Tom X Pastel Tord

Warning: Fluff

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Don't worry, this is still Top Tord, Bottom Tom!


Tom's P.O.V

I was strumming Susan, as I listened to the birds chirping. Their chirping made me stop playing my bass, putting it down as I stared at my window. The curtains were open, which was rare, as a blue bird and a reddish pinkish bird were chirping together.

I smiled at the sight. Very cute and innocent. I got up from my bed, feeling the need to drink some water, because why not. I went to the kitchen to see Matt and Edd bickering over diet coke. I saw Tord, my pastel enemy, eating his bacon with his flower crown tilted on his head.

I drank the water that I had went to get and as I was going back to my room, Edd stopped me and said, "Tom, tell Matt why Diet coke is disgusting!"

I sighed and responded, "I don't know what to say Edd. I'm not a fan of coke." They looked at me while I tried to go back to my room. Keyword: TRIED. Edd grabbed me, dragged me out of the house, since he's taller than me and kicked me out. "Stay out there until I tell you to come in," he said as he waved goodbye, shutting the door in my face.

A few minutes later of just me sitting on the doorstep, the door opened, and I thought that Edd was letting me in, but he actually kicked Tord out. "Now you two, do something together 'cause me and Matt are not going to let you in until 9 pm!"

I huffed. I had to wait 6 hours to go back home. "You mean, Matt and I," said Tord as Edd glared playfully at him, slamming the door in our faces. Tord looked down at me, considering that I was 5 inches shorter than him.

"So, what are we going to do now?" he asked as he started to poke my face to annoy me. I sighed displeased that Edd threw Tord out with me. I replied, "I don't know Commie and I don't care!" I looked at my lap as I hummed a song until I felt someone dragging me.

Holy crap why do people like dragging me?! I looked up to see Tord dragging me, we finally arrived to where Tord dragged me to. It was our backyard, a place I almost never go to. Why? Because I'm an introvert that hates the outdoors.

Tord made me sit on the ground while he picked a few flowers. After a while, he approached me and sat down in front of me. "Okay, Jehovah, I know that I hate you and you hate me, but I'm going to show you how to make flower crowns." I nodded not really caring.

Tord started to teach me how to make flower crowns and I'll be honest with all of you, I was impressed. After he finished the flower crown, he plopped it on my head and giggled, "You look so cute!" I blushed slightly and giggled with him.

We made a few flower crowns together, which made me love the outdoors. It was fun talking to Tord without fighting for no reason. Then, out of nowhere, it started to rain. I groaned as the peace we were having just had to be broken. Tord and I got up and ran for shelter which was the shed. We sheltered there as we continued talking.

Out of the blue, I felt cold and I started to shiver. Tord looked at me, smiled and took of his sweater to reveal to me his red hoodie. He handed me his pink sweater, which I declined, but he forced me to take it. Talk about pressure.

I wore the sweater over my hoodie, only for it not to fit me. It was slightly big, but hella comfortable. Tord smiled at me and hugged me for no reason....

Let's say that if it wasn't for Edd kicking us out for a few hours, we wouldn't have married....    

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