Part 31

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Recap (Because it was requested.) 

I walked over to the Tv and pulled out some movies. "Wanna watch Harry potter?" I asked him, I love Harry potter. "Yeah, who don't like Harry potter?" He asked not in question but you know what I mean.

So we ended up with watching all the movies, but I got sleepy in the fifth movie. I tried staying awake but failed miserably. I fell asleep in the sixth movie. I was lifted up from the couch and carried, I usually would fight the person holding me but I was to tired. I could feel it was Cayden though so it didn't really matter.


I woke up with a strong arm around my waist, I looked at who it was and of course it was Cayden. I pull his arm of me and put a pillow there instead, I got of the bed and saw that Cayden snuggled deeper with the pillow. I muffled my laughs trying not to wake him up. 

I walk to my bathroom and strip and get into the shower. I quickly take a shower, I walk out as steam comes out. I take a towel around my bathroom when I realize I forgot my clothes in my bedroom. I slowly walk out of the bathroom and to my luck Cayden's up! Of course!  "Wanna get takeout and eat it in bed and just skip training." He asked, I was in shock! He always says we have to train, wait do I need to be the responsible now? I don't think I can handle it. 

"Um, sure you go order so I can get changed." I said looking down, realizing I'm in a towel. "Okay, I'll order pizza." He said walking out of the room. I quickly change into some comfy ass pants with Caydens large black hoodie. I need to steal more of his clothes they smell SO good, like I would marry him just for his hoodies. 

I jump on the bed and pulled out my secret stash of oreos and began eating them. They are so delicious.  

I hear knocking on the door. "Are you dressed? The food came." he asked. "Yeah you can come in now!" I said hiding the oreos under the pillow. I laid over the pillow so that I hid it more as Cayden walked inside I tried not looking suspicious.  "What are you hiding?" He asks, oh shit he figured out. "I'm cheating on you!" I said trying to cover up the fact that I hide oreos from him which is way worse. 

"Okay get up, I don't believe you." he said looking annoyed when I didn't get up. "What!? I am sooo cheating on you! I mean pfft what else could I be hiding?" I ask when my fat ass get lifted up from bed and placed on the floor. 

I pout at him trying to make him feel bad, but he just search through the bed. He picks up the oreos and my eyes widen. "It's not like what it looks like!" I try defending myself. He raise an eyebrow. ""Really?" he says sarcastically.  "Okay it's exactly like it looks like!" I give up. 

"But you have stolen my oreos before and it was either this or to shoot you next time! and next time I wouldn't miss." I threaten not backing down. "Fine but you owe me big time." he said, walking over to me. He bends down and gives me a kiss on my lips. "Okay Love ya." I said pulling away from him.

"Okay let's eat." He said, I got up quickly and ran as fast as I could towards the food. I took the food and walked back to the bedroom already eating it. 

Me and Cayden finished the food, well mostly I ate Cayden just watched in amusement.  We decided to go out after we ate, since it was still fall it was leafs every where. (I am bad at timelines so let it be, I know it's February.) 

We went to the dog park with Baxter. "So how many girls have you slept with?" I asked him raising a eyebrow. "You wouldn't believe me." He said smiling down. "Try me." i said walking backwards. "Zero, I never actually slept with those girls." He said and I had to laugh.

 "So Mr. Badboy is a virgin, I would have never believed that." I said, he gave me a boyish grin. "How many guys have you slept with?" he asked and I gave him a smirk. "29, I believe." I said proud, but he looked mad. "That many?!" He asked not believing it. "Yeah, I was a player. I kinda miss breaking hearts." I said holding a hand on my chest. 

"Well as long as you don't break my heart." He said and I was like Bitch how adorable can you be! "Aww, I wouldn't dare!" I said giving him a hug. Baxter being Baxter ran around us making the leach go around us. "Umm, this is awkward." I said, we finally got loose.   

I gave Cayden a small kiss on the lips, I pushed away and began running with Baxter. "Come on slow poke!" I yelled as I run. I could hear Cayden running behind me but he was to slow to catch me.

Me and Baxter got to a little coffee shop and decided to go inside. I quickly ordered and me and Baxter sat down in a booth. It looked like me and him were on an date. I hear the door bell ring signalizing that Cayden  finally got here.

I slide down the booth a little trying to hide. I felt a tap on my shoulder, he found me hasn't he. I look towards the tap and it wasn't Cayden it was the waitress.

"Here you go." She says setting the coffee on the table. "Thanks you don't mind the dog right?" I asked a little unsure what to expect. "Of course not! Everyone is welcome at this cafè." She said then walked away.

Me and Baxter drank the coffee in beautiful silence when the door bell rang again. I turned around and to my luck it was Cayden.

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