Married for real

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Me and Payton got what we both wanted and that was Jess gone the police took her and she will never come back she deserves all this but me and Payton mostly wanted to finely get married so we did after the best wedding ever me and Payton were home sitting together and talking then Payton's mom came for a visit
Payton's mom: so if everything is fine
Payton: mom
You: what's going on
Payton:well my mom keeps bringing up the fact
Payton's mom: when are my little grand kids coming have you got any plans
You: no we haven't thought of that yet...
You trailed of
Payton looked at you with his eyes wide open
Payton: well mom it is getting late and I need to talk with my be loving wife ok
Payton's mom: ok ok I will leave you two to it
You waited till she walked out and
You: omg wait what did she say
Payton:don't worry about her
Payton: you said that we haven't thought of that yet so you wouldn't mind having kids
You: yes of course not I would love to have kids
Payton: I thought you didn't
You: how could you
You pouted
Then he grabbed you and then he kissed you

Sorry but I didn't have any more ideas so if you want give me some ideas about anything in the next chapter

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