thirty five

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i was watching some stories from my instagram when i stopped to see david's. "oh my god" i said and hannah looked at me. we're having breakfast together at some random cafe in los angeles. "look at this" i showed her.

"what the fuck" she grabbed my phone. "why is he with her?"

"i don't know! and she's wearing the same outfit from yesterday" i pointed. "oh my god, that's why he didn't want me to sleep at his place" i was in shock.

"okay, we're not freaking out" she locked my phone. "nothing happened between them, i'm pretty sure" i took a deep breath. "liza talked to you the whole party yesterday, i don't think she would do something like this"

i widened my eyes. "i can ask natalie!" i picked my phone from her hands and quickly texted her.

phe😋: hey natalie
i was watching david's insta stories
and i saw that he was with liza lol
i don't wanna sound crazy
but did she sleep in the house
after the party?

"now we will wait for..." i got cut off by my phone. "oh!" i quickly picked up to look.

natalie🌸: hiii
i was going to text u about this
when i left the house, david was
sleeping on the couch and i think liza
in his bed, so nothing happened
i heard them talking about you
but i fell asleep so i don't know
much so yeah

phe😋: thank u so so much nat

"nothing happened" i smiled, sighing in relief.

"really? oh thank god, i love him, but i was ready to kick his ass" we both laughed. "but, hey, i want you to promise me something"

"what?" i frowned my brow.

"i know you for like a month and a half, but i really like you, so i want you to promise me that you're going to talk to david about dating" i frowned. "i know he talked about feelings, but what is taking him so long to ask you to be his girlfriend?"

"you're right" i nodded again. "i'll talk to him tonight"

"that's what i like to hear!" she cheered. "and besides, nothing bad can happen, it's just a conversation, i'm pretty sure that he loves you too and wants you as his girlfriend"


opheliar: i'm always this happy after breakfast

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opheliar: i'm always this happy after breakfast

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username: was she with david and liza?
username: no lol wtf

hannahmeloche: great pic, who took it?

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