Meeting Him

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It had been a long time since some one had made me feel this way. The butterfly feeling in my stomach. The fast beating of my heart every time I saw him, the clammy feeling in my hands. This all started when I met him, the guy who's in my dreams every night, the one that with one look makes me melt. He was the start of my hapiness..... or my destruction. This is my story.

Nikki Williams. No not the singer, sadly. That is my name, the name my parents gave me when I was born. They say this name came from the greek goddess of victory and root. Don't ask me what it means because I don't have the smallest idea. Now that I think about it my parents were kind of obsessed with greek mythology. Almost all the books we had were about greek legends. Hmm I learn something new each day.

I am 22 years old I have my own business my dad helped me build. My company caters for many events around the area. No we aren't rich but we aren't poor either.

My business is doing well. Old customers refer us to there friends and they eventually come check out what the big fuss about. I think they like our service because they keep coming for more.

Bring Bring Bring!!

The phone broke me from my trance like state and into full business mode. "Hello how may I help you?"

" Hello Is this Nikki's Delight Bakery?" A voice quivered from the phone.

"Yes how may I help you?"

"I'd like to place an order for a mocha, stawberry and banana 3 tiered cake for next Saturday please." The women's vioce said more steadily.

"Ok. In what order do you want the flavors to be?" I said getting a notepad and a pen out.

"Banana first, Strawberry second and Mocha last."

"Ok. How do you want it to be decorated and do you want it to say anything specifically?"

"Um can you put a little sky scraper on top and be decorated formally like for an inauguration . Write Landon Corp. on top please."

"Would that be all miss?" I asked her.

"Yes. Tomorrow a driver will drop off the address and half the money for the cake."

"Thank you for using Nikki's Delights. Have a nice day." With that we both hanged up.

It must be a big corporation to have ordered such a big cake, nonetheless business is business. I looked at the clock just to notice it was 9:00 pm. Time to hit the hay after a long day. Oohh that ryhmed. I have to stop drinking coffee its bad for me.

I shut the lights and closed the shop for the day.

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