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Justin woke up groggily and his throat was irritated and sore. He grunted as he pushed himself over to see what time it was, 11:45 am. He usually doesn't sleep in this late anymore now that Shawn is living with him. He started coughing into his arm as he groaned in irritation. He then sat up and stretched, coughing and phlegm coming up. He rolled my eyes and grabbed a tissue to get rid of the mucus. As he blew his nose, he noticed Shawn at the door frame.

"Are you sick?" Shawn asked timidly as he walked over, sitting next to his brother. Justin sighed and nodded, "Yes I am." deciding not to be sarcastic this morning.

"Mm sorry," Shawn mumbled and laid his chin on Justin's shoulder. Justin was irritable and felt the urge to pull away but he knew better. He didn't want to deal with being sick and an upset sibling at the same time.

"Don't apologize for shit you ain't cause." Justin replied, rubbing Shawn's back. "I'm gonna take care of ya," Shawn responded happily, standing up. Justin gave him a weird expression before lying down.

"No I can do it myself, Shawn," he coughed again. Shawn shook his head no and tucked Justin in, "You'll be better in no time! Here let me get you some soup," Shawn quickly made his way out of Justin's room before Justin could say anything.

"Shawn... Shawn!" He called out, Shawn poked his head back inside.


"I don't want you getting sick, so you might want to avoid me for awhile."

"You don't want me around?" Shawn put on his best puppy dog face and tears swelled up in his eyes and he sniffled. Justin sighed, 'lil bastard knows how to get his way,' he thought.

"I do want you around, Shawn, just not wanting you to get sick baby." He coughed again and Shawn crossed his arms.

"I'm not gonna get sick and you're not gonna get better if you keep calling me up here, now lay down and be quiet until I finish your soup," Shawn replied sassily before leaving back to the kitchen.

Justin leaned back with a rose eyebrow and mouthed a shocked 'okay,' and mumbled "don't get a spankin'" in Shawn's direction. He decided to take Shawn's advice and rest for awhile.

Meanwhile Shawn was in the kitchen searching up recipes on his phone as he scavenged the fridge for ingredients for chicken noodle soup. He figured to use a can but it wanted it to be fresh for Justin.

Shawn took a pack of raw chicken out of the fridge and placed them in the microwave, turning it on hoping to cook it as he boiled the noodles on the stove. Shawn hadn't had much cooking experience but he thought it couldn't be too hard.

About 10 minutes later Justin smelt burning and his eyes opened wide and he hopped out of bed. He ran downstairs coughing and saw Shawn trying to fan the smoke with a towel. He grabbed the fire extinguisher and pulled Shawn out of the way, putting the smoke out.

Justin turned to Shawn and smacked his bottom, making Shawn cover it and blush. "Ow!" Shawn cried out. "What the hell are you doing? Tryna burn the place down?" Justin asked in a raspy voice and went on a rant until he saw the tears in Shawn's eyes.

"I tried to make you homemade soup.." he said in a low voice, and bit his lip putting his head down in shame. Justin sighed and wrapped his arms around Shawn, giving him a little kiss on his face.

"I appreciate that honey, but you've got to be careful. How about we clean this up and we make the soup that's in the can and next time we'll learn how to make it homemade?" Justin suggested as he rubbed up and down Shawn's spine.

Shawn's frown was replaced with a sheepish grin as he agreed with his brother's idea. After Justin and Shawn cleaned up the kitchen, they made their soup and Justin was sitting in his bed watching TV and Shawn came in moments later in a white coat, to Justin's amusement.

"Don't laugh," Shawn said, glaring at Justin as he took the thermometer out and told Justin to open his mouth. Justin smirked, "are you sure it goes in my mouth?" Shawn made a disgusted face, "Well I'm sure not putting it in the other way!"

Justin laughed heartily, "I still have to do it for you," he reminded Shawn, making the younger boy burn in embarrassment. "That's different, now open your mouth!" He demanded, not too harsh since his big brother was sick.

"Yes sir," he said before opening his mouth and allowing Shawn to put it inside. Shawn then looked at a chart and waited for the thermometer to do its thing. After awhile, Shawn took it out and wrote down what his brother's temperature was.

"So doc, what's my damage?" He asked, he already knew because he took his temperature earlier but he wanted to see if Shawn knew how.

"Um. It's 102, you need rest and fluids." Shawn suggested as he tucked Justin back in, serious expression on his face as he went to bring Justin more orange juice.

Justin thought this whole thing was hysterical. He also thought it was pretty cute how Shawn wanted to take care of him, so for the most part he allowed it until Shawn tried to give him a bubble bath. That was too much for Justin.

"Do you need help in there?" Shawn called out, holding some extra towels in case Justin needed them.

"No baby, I'm good!" He called back out as he sat in his soapy tub. He gasped slightly and dropped his rag as the door opened. Luckily Shawn had his eyes closed. "I'm just gonna leave these here." He said quietly and went back out.

Justin sighed and finished his bath, drying off and going back to lay down in his bed in fresh pjs. He watched some MTV for awhile and entertained Shawn's doctor game by answering his questions.

Shawn later came upstairs to Justin asleep. Shawn snuck a kiss to his big brother's cheek and turned off his tv, closing the door and smiled to himself. He felt like a proud little big brother and that he was taking good care of Justin.

A few days after Justin was feeling much better, his throat wasn't as sore and he wasn't having difficulty with his mucus content anymore. He woke up and started his daily ritual until he heard coughing from Shawn's room.

He sighed and walked upstairs, opening the door to Shawns room and saw Shawn sitting up, holding his stomach and coughing roughly into his arm.

"Baby, I told you you might catch it." Justin said as he ran his fingers through Shawn's hair. Shawn sniffled, "my stomach hurts," he mumbled. Justin lifted Shawn's shirt and rubbed his tummy.

"Don't worry honey, It's my turn to take care of you." Justin reassured as he went and fetched the thermometer, "I'm sorry baby but this one doesn't go in your mouth." Justin let Shawn know gently. Shawn whimpered upon hearing that and laid on his stomach.

This didn't surprise him one bit, but hey at least he gets chicken soup and cuddles all day.

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