Volume 1 chapter 1

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Volume 1 Who will pity the unfortunate

The nether bridge are covered by the surrounding darkness, blood can be smelled within the air, but looking around, one can't find a single soul. Only the noise of rustling yellow spring water can be heard.

There is a vast land on the side of the bridge, bian flowers can be seen on this vast land, growing vividly with crimson red colors, giving off an impression that they had been splattered with blood.

Within the garden of bian flowers, a hidden path can be seen. Walking through the crooked path, you will find a cave dwelling at the end of this path. A sign board glowing golden words 'Souls Pawn Shop' hung above the cave dwelling, like a guider's lamp in the darkness.

Xie Fei, wearing a black robe, was laying on the beauty couch, with a jade pin and a greenish silk holding his hair together. Maybe because he was holding his chin, his long sleeves loosens downwards, showing his chalk white wrist and skinny arm.

A detached expression can been seen, showing features of coldness and hard to approach, as he lazily red a book with one hand, while slightly pressing his lips together.

When he just started to feel tired, three persons came in the cave dwelling, leading the front were two persons heibai wuchang, in the back was a woman who was wearing a traditional chinese royal dress. There were bloodstains everywhere on the dress, it even left a trail of blood dripping as she walked.

Xie Fei understand that her knee cap was broken after slightly glanced her with his narrow pupils.

A light dark mist surrounded the beautiful face of the woman as she followed heibai wuchang with an indifferent expression. Only the hatred deep in her eyes gave her a weak aura of vitality.

"Daren, We have brought the newly arrived evil spirit, Xi Wen." heibai wuchang stand in front of Xie Fei, and bowed respectfully.

Xie Fei slightly adjusted his mood, and fixed his posture by slowly lifting his body upwards, with his other book holding hand hanging on his knee cap. The looks were like an excellent figure or a gongzi.

"You can leave." he waved his hands.

Heibai wuchang nodded, as they waved their horsetail whisk, lifting the soul shackles off of Xi Wen, and quietly exit the room.

Xie Fei observed Xi Wen, looking up and down. With a pedestrian expression, he slowly muttered "Do you know what place is this?"

Xi Wen subconsciously answered when she heard the pleasing voice from the male "Probably the nether world."

"It is neither right nor wrong."

Xi Wen pressed her lips together, she can feel the powerful aura exerting from the handsome young man. Thinking that the heibai wuchang were bowing respectfully just now, he must have a decent status in the nether world.

After a few moments of hesitation, she bit her lips and firmly said " I do not want to enter the transmigration circle, unless I see that man suffered for his evil deeds first, I never go into the transmigration circle."

Xie Fei lightly grinned " Allowed."

Xi Wen was surprised after hearing that word, with a doubtful look, she asked in a small voice " really?"

" If you are willing to offer your soul for as the price, then it will be granted." Xie Fei, with his serious looks, and clear voice drilled deep into her heart like river water dripping from a bamboo pipe. (T/L: It said river water dripping on a jade plate but i believe this version might be more understandable)

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