Not your fault

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Liam's POV:

"How could we be so stupid? First Alex and now Zu, for all we know Clancy could be hurting them or worse," I said. If I hadn't made stupid accusations about Evie then Zu wouldn't be in anymore danger. "Don't think like that man, take from an over-thinker it never gets you anywhere," Chubs replied. "When we broke out of the camp, I promised to keep Zu safe, I promised to protect her and when we found Alex that night in the woods, I promised her the exact same thing and now look, I couldn't keep either of those promises. If I hadn't been to hell bent of finding the Safe Haven then none of this would be happening," I said, meaning every word. "This isn't is your fault Liam, you didn't know what Clancy was doing behind the scenes. You didn't know he was the 'brains' behind the whole League operation. You didn't know he was going to make Alex into some sort of super-soldier, okay there is no way you could have to stop beating yourself up about it. None of this is your fault," Chubs said, explaining everything that he was thinking. "You don't know that for sure Chubs, I could've stopped Evie from taking Zu, I almost did but as usual I wasn't strong enough. I couldn't stop Clancy from taking Alex, I couldn't stop Evie from taking Zu, okay it's all my fault Chubs," I said. It's true, everything that's happened since the SHFK all my fault. "Do you remember after you got shot, Alex blamed herself because she tried to hurt Mark and that's why he shot his gun but you refused to let her blame herself for something that was entirely out of her control, she could've have known Mark had a gun or that he was gonna shoot you, just like you didn't know Clancy was gonna do everything that he's done, so just like you didn't let her blame herself I'm not about you blame yourself for something that was entirely out of your control," Chubs said. God I hate when he's right. But I was not about to admit that's he's right, what he can get very cocky when someone admits he's right and I hate cocky Chubs. "You know I'm right," he said. See cocky. "I never said that," I replied. "But you were thinking it," he said with a smirk. 

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