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Chaeyoung and Dahyun now were mopping the indoor basketball field in their school as a result of their ruckuss on the canteen before. Dahyun was moping the floor from left to right while running, "Hiyaaaaaaaaah!!!". Chaeyoung just mopped the floor cooly keep looking at Dahyun who mopped the floor excitedly.

"Chaeyoung-a! Leggo!" Dahyun sway her hand to invite Chaeyoung to run around the gym.

"I'm tired. Do it properly, Dahyun-a." she said while kept mopping the floor normally.

"You're soooooo no-jam." she muttered under her breath. Being the stubborn girl, she kept whining toward the small girl to followed her.

"Ah! But I'm the younger one.." Chaeyoung roared at the older one making her age as an excuse.

"Come oonn!"

Chaeyoung held the stick of the mop tightly, and started to run with her flat face, "Uwaaa.."

"Do it properly, you brat!" Dahyun screamed from the corner of the gym.

Had no choice, Chaeyoung sighed and started to ran around the gym while screaming excitedly, "Uwaaaaaahhh!!!!" Dahyun smiled and followed the younger one.


They kept running around using their mop, Chaeyoung as the one who refused to do this excitedly, now became the most excited person for mopping the floor.


They flopped their body to the floor letting their sweat running down on their face while trying to take a breath as they were panting heavily now. "You're crazy." Dahyun said smirking and took a glance at her side.

"It's because of you." Chaeyoung giggled and took a glance to her side to. Then, they laughed together.

"We're so crazy. Haha!" they started to laugh at each other and Chaeyoung spread her arm. Looking at this with her own instinct, Daehyun let her head rested on Chaeyoung's arm.

"Woah, you have such a hard arm." Dahyun said while poking the small girl's arm. Chaeyoung chuckled and brought her arms closed as now she's hugging Dahyun tightly.

"You're all sweaty! Let go off me!" Dahyun rambled while trying to push the small girl's body.

"It's your fault in the first place. Letting your head rested on my arm." Chaeyoung said while putting her chin on Dahyun's head. Dahyun just stayed inside Chaeyoung arms when suddenly the fact hit her. She raised her head so suddenly making her head hit Chaeyoung's chin hardly.

"Ack!" Dahyun rubbed her head while Chaeyoung clutched on her chin.

"Sorry, bestie." Dahyun grinned with a guilty expression on her face. Chaeyoung just held her chin and rubbed it softly. "Forget it."


"Well, Mina happened to know my name. She realized that we're in the same school since junior high. So.. Yeah." Chaeyoung explained briefly while rubbing her chin helped by Dahyun. Dahyun was shocked at first and looked at her best friend with the confuse aura on all her face but then she nodded her head and stared at the ceiling of this huge gym thinking that it's possible indeed though. It would be weird instead if she don't know Chaeyoung at all.

"What should we do then?" Chaeyoung asked the older girl and followed her bestfriend staring at the ceiling.


Chaeyoung was waiting on the hallway near the dance room now. Dahyun said that Mina always spent her time here after school until 5 pm. So, she insisted that Chaeyoung had to walked her home.

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