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I cant help but think of irene..
Im still staring at my phone, wondering what things she needed to settle.

Oh well might as well sleep..

Oh what the heck im just gonna text her, i know we texted about an hour ago but i really want to text her right now.. she makes me feel something, it confuses me ,but I'll soon find out what it is.

Seulgay💗: Hey i cant sleep

There i did it, i hope i didnt disturb her..
I went to turn off my phone and put it on my nightstand.

After waiting a few minutes, i saw my phone lit up, so i immediately snatched it.

Moonstar: Omg i got news!

Oh its just moonbyul..
Might as well text her while waiting for Irene.

Seulgi: what

Moonstar: I've heard that there's going to be some new two transfer students!

Seulgi: so..?

Moonstar: So we could be friends with them duhhh

Seulgi: No thanks, you know i go alone...

Moonstar: No
You have us
Me,Wheein and Jisoo

Seulgi: I know, im thankful to have friends like you three, even though im like this

Moonstar: shush dont say that, You're perfectly fine to us.

Seulgi: So how bout the new students?

Moonstar: Ah yes!
I found out the other one's name!
Her name is Yong sun something like that, remind me that im going to look for her on Facebook lol
And the other one i dont know yet..

As i was reading moonbyul's reply, i saw my notification that irene texted me back, so i went to check her text immediately.

Baechu😊: go to sleep love.

Did i read that correctly??? She called me love! Or maybe she sent me the wrong message again

Seulgay💗: Love?

Baechu😊: yes?

Seulgay💗: I mean why did you called me love? Did you send me the wrong message again?

Baechu😊: Because i wanted to, and no i totally checked who i messaged love.

Seulgay💗: Anyway...i cant sleep

Baechu😊: awh stop you're not getting away from the conversation love

Seulgay💗: ahahah you know what? im sleepy now😅

Baechu😊: No you're not

Seulgay💗: Yes i am, now go do your chores or something

Irene: fine then😒
It was nice talking to you seulgi.
Ill go do my "chores" now

Seulgi: wait no
Im sorry i didnt mean it
I kinda dont like the word love because it kinda made what i am today...?
Sorry if i offended you that your hobbies are chores🙁 i dont mean it

Wow good job for losing a friend seulgi
Now i wont be able to sleep, for sure.

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