Hurt And Abused(mindless behavior diggy and jacob love story)On Hold

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Hurt and Abused

Chapter 1


Kareemah-my name is kareemah but you can call me kammie for short I have been with my boyfriend prod for 3 years when we first met he was one of the best boys you can meet but it all change outta nowhere one day he just came home well ima gonna let you read and find out

Niesha_whats up yall my name is verniesha but you can call me Niesha for short I have been with Jacob for 3 month not Jacob perez Jacob latimore he is the perfect boyfriend I couldn't ask for anything more

Stephanie-my name is Stephanie but I get called steph for short no matter how much I hate it I have been with roc or pretty much my hole life we met when we were really young and we had that puppy love but grew up and fell in love with each other now we are grown well 17 and 18 is grown to me

Sina-my name is sina u can call me me sina for short im a big ball of fun even know I talk a lot me and steph just like to party but sometimes we get in trouble im not gonna say what kind of trouble im just gonna let you find out for yourself ima be back prince is called me

Nae-im ray rays girlfriend and stuff we have been together for a 1 year he always was well let me be quiet ohh yeah my name is nae and nae or short there is no short in this case well bye bye everyone

*they are all on their senior year of high school there is about 4 month till graduation the girls are all standing In the hall way their lockers next to each other *

Steph:so we should have a girls night out tonight

Niesha:yeah that would be fun

*Jacob walks up to Niesha and kisses her*

Jacob:hey bae what yall talking about

Niesha :hey and having a girls night

*the rest of the boys walk up and the other girls get nervous and try to hurry and everything so they can get to class Stephanie closes her locker and trys to walk off roc grabs her by her belt loop *

Roc:were you going sweetheart

Steph:to class

Roc;naw no you not right now

Steph:roc I cant be late

Roc:who are you talking to (whispering)

Steph:nobody*looking down *

*ray walks over to nae and kisses her forcefully nae doesn't kiss then he grabs her neck forcing her to *

Kammie:can we go to class now

Prod:your worried about class any other day why so worried now

Kammie :........

Prod:like I thought

*the boys friend diggy walks up*

Diggy;wassup yall

Ray:nothing chilling whats good with you bro

Diggy:you know the usual being me

Prince:that's wassup putting his arm around sina *she flinches*

*Stephanie tries to walk away why everyone was paying attention to diggy but roc still had her belt loop and her pull her backwards*

Roc:where the fuck are you going

Stephanie:roc I have to get to class!

Roc:who tf are you yelling at you know what come with me*he puts his arm around her and walks outside and pins her against his car*

Steph:roc what are you doing

Roc:stfu*slaps her*

Stephanie:-.-*slaps him back*wtf don't ever puts you hands on me again

Roc: bitch*starts to choke her*

Steph:*begging him to stop he finally lets go*

Roc:that will teach you who you are fucking with *walks off while Stephanie is trying to catch her breath the bell rings Stephanie struggles to get her things together then runs to class*

Teacher:Stephanie why are you late

Stephanie:im sorry I had a problem I had to take care of *she looks at roc who is giving her death stares*

Teacher:dnt let it happen again

Stephanie:it wont

*she makes her over to her see which is right next to roc she sits down and can feel him looking at her a piece of paper land on her desk and she picks it up it is from kammie the note says "what wrong"she writes back and gets ready to give the note to kammie when roc snatches it out her hand and rips it up the bells rings Stephanie hurrys out the class to her next class before roc can get up everyone meets up at the girls locker besides Stephanie once roc gets their kammie decides to find out whats going on*

Roc:whats up yall

Kammie:aint no whats up wtf did you do to Stephanie

Roc:man chill out I didn't do anything to her

Kammie:im not trying to hear that shit

Roc:prod get yo girl

Niesha :why cant we all just get along

*everyone looks at her evily*

Niesha:well my bad

*just as she says that diggy walks down the hall with his new girl and stop to introduce them to her*

Diggy:aye guys this is my girl joneah

Joneah:I really don't like that name but you can call me nae

Nae:aye that's my name to

Joneah:that's cool

Diggy :and this is roc prod prince Jacob Niesha kammie you already met nae wheres steph

Kammie :that's the same thing we were trying to figure out*prod grabs her hand and walks her outta the school*

Whats prod gonna do to kammie?

Whats wrong with roc?

How long will Niesha and Jacobs happiness last?

Find out in chapter 2