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A girl was walking home depressed.

"Hey! Mitsuki!"

She looked up shyly.


It was Kagami Taiga and Himuro Tatsuya.

Kagami gave Daidaina a closed-eye grin and held his hand out to her saying,

"Let's play basketball!"

"B-but, i-if I'm not good, people will laugh at me..."

Daidaina mumbled, looking down at her toes.

Daidaina had been teased a lot by the other kids in her class.

Her family was abundant with money.

A limo to school, extravagant lunches everyday; jealousy strikes them.

"It's alright, if that happens, I'll hit them so hard that they wouldn't dare do it again!"

Kagami said confidently.

"Yeah, we'll protect you, don't worry."

Himuro said, smiling gently at Daidaina.

They were different. Kagami and Himuro had always been there to protect her.

They always stay with her at lunch, chased off the kids, and greeted her with a smile when she came to school.

"I-I guess I could play for a little bit....."

Daidaina said holding out her hand right in front of Kagami's, still hesitating to take it.

Kagami took her hand and gave it a squeeze, smiling at her.

"Let's go!"

Kagami declared.


Himuro agreed.


Daidaina said, her lips curling up into a small smile.

Daidaina was hesitant, but knew if the boys would be there, she would be fine.

They then headed to a street basketball court.

It was crowded with many people.

'O-oh no.... there are so many people here....'

Daidaina thought.

"Come on! Let's go!"

Kagami said, pulling on Daidaina's hand.


Daidaina agreed, allowing Kagami to drag her along.

"Yo, Taiga, Tatsuya, who's she?"

A boy said.

"She's our friend, can you let her play basketball with us?"

Himuro asked them.

"Sure, here."

The boy said and threw the ball at Daidaina.

Daidaina closed her eyes waiting for the impact,

but it never came.

When she opened her eyes she saw that the basketball was caught in someone's hand.

Who's hand?



Kagami and Himuro exclaimed happily.

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