A note from the author

I hope you have enjoyed reading book 3 in the Traci Ganner series, Glory and Empire by Brian Jeffreys.  This was, by far, my favorite book to write.  I loved being able to combine traditional military science fiction with elements of high fantasy on the frozen plains with the  Iranahar and Seroniir tribes.  I hope I have tied up most of the loose ends for you.

As a gift to my readers, In the coming weeks I will be posting my newest book, Fatal Containment, here on Wattpad for you to enjoy.  It is still in its infancy and hasn't yet faced the editor's pen, so please be patient with the grammar and spelling as it will all get cleaned up then.

And don't count Traci Ganner out just yet.  While I am hard at work putting pen to paper, I foresee her making another appearance in a book coming soon.

For those of you who have stuck with me and read the entire work (or maybe the entire series), here is the conclusion of  Glory and Empire by Brian Jeffreys.  


Admiral Nagao walked through the large double doors of the Orion council chamber. As the master-at-arms closed the door, Nagao made his way to the eighth council seat. Sitting around the table were ten other councilors. At the head of the table was an empty seat, conspicuous for the absence of the man that normally would lead the discussion, who would never again be there to fill it.

Councilor James called the meeting to order.

“Ladies and gentlemen, if you will look at page twenty-five of the Terran intelligence report, you will note that the Terran government, under Emperor Pearson, is tracking along the social and economic trend predictors that we established for them seven years ago. It will be fourteen point six percent easier to control Pearson’s static behavior model than Emperor Eglon’s, due to Pearson’s predictable patterns of philosophical bias.”

“He should remain on our main projection path with only minor adjustments needed as we place key figures in the new Terran parliament. At present, our intelligence pipeline remains intact.”

James waited for comment, but since they had been hashing out the details of the master Terran social model for the last decade, everyone at the table knew how the mathematics had predicted the present outcome.

“Very well,” he said calmly as he filed away the Terran intelligence report and keyed in the sequence on the table display for the next item on the agenda.

“Can I safely presume that everyone has had an opportunity to read the mission briefing filed by Admiral Nagao?” James asked, nodding in Nagao’s direction. General sounds of the affirmative echoed around the table.

“We are especially grateful for the debriefing of Captain Ganner regarding her recent experience inside the rift. Chief Councilor Agron was the first to rightly conclude that the rift was a tear across N-space, providing a slipstream through space-time. And due to the appropriate actions taken by the chief councilor, the rift has all but vanished, due to the lack of proximity to a stellar superstring. In effect, without the Valdi A star to complete the endpoint of the singularity, the galaxy has healed its own damage.”

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