Leaving Orlando would only make things worse for myself... I'd not be only hurting myself but I'd also be hurting Emeliano.

And all I ever want is for him to be happy.

"Leaving so soon?" The familiar voice resounded from the driver's side, my eyes shot up immediately to reveal to myself the Taxi driver who picked me up from the airport 14 days ago.

"You again? I didn't notice..." I said, unable to hide the surprise in my voice.

"You were in deep thoughts... I didn't think you'd be leaving so soon." The man smiled through the mirror.

"Yeah... Me neither." I muttered... Looking out the window to the busy streets of Orlando.

I was making a mistake... My whole body was screaming to me, my mind was yelling at me, urging me to go back to Emeliano... He needs me and I need him!

We need each other now more than ever, so why the hell am I breaking his heart and mine? What the hell is wrong with me?

I was jerked from my thoughts when the taxi began to jerk forward with force until we pulled to a stop.

"Still haven't fixed the problem?" I asked the driver.

He cocked a brow. "This is weird... This is the first time it's happening since the time I picked you up from the airport." He mused.

"Hmm... So, I make taxi's breakdown... Good to know." I Muttered, the driver smiled.

"I'll just go check it out." He said, getting down from the taxi.

I exhaled, letting out a harsh breath and looking out the window...

What in the-

We were Infront of the same flower shop! The same one from fourteen days ago.

A smile pulled at my lips as I got down from the taxi, walking straight to the flower shop... It all started here, my life with Emeliano... I can't believe it has been fourteen days already! I just can't!

"Would you like some flowers?" The little girl tugged at the hem of my gown.

I smiled down at her, if it hadn't been for this little girl, I wouldn't have gotten the chance to be kidnapped by Emeliano! How crazy is all this?

I crouched down to her level... "What's your name, Angel?"

Her brows furrowed in confusion. "How did you know my name?"

"What? I don't, I just asked you your name." I said in a playful kiddy voice.

"You just said my name." She smiled.

Oh... "Your name is, Angel?"

"Yes... Now would you like some flowers?"

"Of course... The red ones." I told her.

"The reds ones are my favorite... My dad always told me that if a boy gives a girl a red rose, that he truly loves her and that they would be bound together my fate and love... Isn't that amazing? It's like a.. a fairy tale. like Cinderella!" she giggled... Although her words were out of place.. but I was sure to make them sound more better to my ears.

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