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So, here's the- God! This is actually the- the final- final chapter of 14NIEB... Wow! This is really it!!!

I hope this chapter clears all the confusion... With that said...

You may continue...

Rebecca's pov


My voice came out in a shrill whisper. If there was another word better than confused right now? I'd take it... I'd freaking grab it because my brain was spiralling with tons of questions right now!

How the hell am I related to Marcos? I mean, that doesn't make sense! Not even a little pinch of sense! Marcos and I? Related? Camilla's my half sister and she's married to Marcos who is actually my brother and lets not forget Emeliano's half brother... That makes us- okay, maybe Camilla's just playing with me... This is crazy and impossible.

Emeliano sighed and looked up at Camilla, rolling his eyes before they settled on me again. "Your half brother. Not brother."

Half brother?

"Still doesn't make sense... I need an explanation... It's like my head is about to explode."

"See, this is exactly why I didn't want you to know... This is fucked up in so many ways."

"Then someone please make me freaking understand!!!" I let out a harsh breath.

"Look, Rebecca... All of this comes to a conclusion... Rafael is a man whore." Camilla muttered..

"That still doesn't help! How can Marcos be my brother and you my sister and then you both- are married? If he's my brother... Then he's your brother too right? Emel-"

"Marcos is not my brother." Camilla stated.

"Okay... Explain." I said, crossing my arms over my chest, biting back tears of frustration.

Camilla exhaled before speaking. "Georgia is your mother." She said.

I took in a deep breath, sucking in my breath as I recognized the name... Greta mentioned that name while she was telling me about Marcos's mother... Georgia is Marcos's mother and also... My mother?

I blinked... Trying to take in that piece of information but it wasn't ready to sink in. "So, My mom isn't- my mom? I mean... That means April's my half sister? Okay... So if Georgia is my mom? Then who's yours?" I asked Camilla.

"Like I said, Rafael is a man whore... He had an affair with Heather, Diana's sister."

Diana is my mom- well, I used to think she was my mom until now... God this hurts!

"Georgia got married to my Dad and had Marcos... Two years later, she got pregnant for Rafael's baby which was you." Emeliano stated.

Oh... This is beginning to make sense. Marcos and I were half siblings... Same mom, different Dad... Camilla and Marcos are not related in any sort of way... Different mom, different Dad, which also means Emeliano and I are in no sort of way related to each other, different mom, different Dad.

This. Is. One. Messed. Up. Family. Tree... If we're even considered as family.

"So, Rafael and my mo- Diana got divorced because?"

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