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This chapter is a short one... I just wanted to write something up for you guys... Two days felt like it was long enough... I've been really busy...

You may continue...

Rebecca's pov

   It could mean anything.

That hug doesn't mean they've gotten together or anything... I mean she's married to Marcos right? Will she just abandon her husband to be with Emeliano? Someone that she betrayed? Will Emeliano accept whatever it is she was throwing at him?

What could it be? What could she want? Why did she have to show up now?

My grip on the bedside pole tightened... It was a simple gesture, fine... But still, it looked so intimate! It looked like they were getting back together... It shouldn't bother me, that hug shouldn't bother me because I trust Emeliano... Do I?

How can I trust him when I'm quite sure he's still keeping something from me? How can I trust him when he hasn't really done anything to buy my trust?

I need to stop over thinking things.

I should go back and ask them, or should I?

What will I see if I go back? The both of them kissing? Or confessing their undying love for each other.

You're over thinking things Rebecca! Stop it... This is unlike you... You should do what you do by going back and facing the situation up front... Biting back tears and over thinking won't help you! Get it?!

My grip left the pole as I was about to move forward only for Emeliano to rush in.

"It was definitely not what it looked like." He rushed out, staring at me like he wanted me to believe everything he said.

It's now or never Becca... Turn this around... Put a conclusion to plan E and make sure it's the last letter you put into plans!

"Oh really? What was it supposed to look like?" I asked him, crossing my arms over my chest and wiping an escaped tear.

His eyes softened a little as he tried to move closer to me but I was quick to move away from his embrace.

I'm getting the truth... Today and only today.

He sighed and raked his hands through his hair. "I'm not seeing Camilla, trust me... She was here for something else."

"Yeah, she was here for you to hug her."

He gave a sound of frustration. "Seriously? It was just a hug! It wasn't like I was kissing her or anything!”

"But you'll love to right? You'll love to kiss her right? You wanted to, but I interrupted." I said with shaky voice... Approaching the matter at hand in a wrong way, but as long as it gets me the answers I need? Anyway would do just fine.

"What?" He let out weakly. "What are you saying Rebecca? I didn't have any intention of kissing Camilla okay? I don't love her- it's you I lo-”

"Don't say something you don't mean! Look, I don't care what you do with Camilla... You've gotten what you want from me, isn't it? All you wanted was to have your way with me and then drop me like a piece of rag. Am I right?"

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