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Rebecca's pov

Day 12

Two days. Just two days left. It actually doesn't mean anything right now cause I don't plan on leaving anytime soon...

I had called my mom last night, I told her that I would be staying longer than intended, I kind of blurted out everything about Emeliano and I.

Emeliano and I

I felt the intense heat rush to my cheeks as I continued to whisk the eggs together...

Just the idea of Emeliano and I together turned my inside into mushed mushrooms!

He gave in... He wants this as much as it scares the both of us, I was even more than glad that I didn't have to do much to break his shell.

It already had a crack- it actually needed a little push.

It was dinner time and I decided to take full control of the kitchen, the last time I made an attempt to cook for Emeliano, it ended up with him calling my spaghetti bunch of worms.. but I was pretty sure that he wouldn't reject it this time.

"Yeah, alright- I'll call you later-" I paused, turning slightly to see Emeliano walking Into the kitchen with his phone to his ears. "Take care," he gave me a small smile as he stopped just Infront of the table I was working on. "Yeah- love you too. Bye." He ended the call, sliding his phone into his pocket.

My mind was currently all over the place, who was he talking to? Who does he love?!!! I tried to keep a straight face as my whisking became more faster.

"Hey." He finally greeted me.

"Hi." I answered, my gaze not meeting his.

"You're making dinner? Where's Greta?" He asked, looking around.

"She's not available." I said, giving him straight replies.

"Not available? Is she okay?"


"Where's Pablo."

"His daughter went into labour."

"Oh... Are you okay?" He asked, his voice had this cautious tone.

"Yes." I Muttered, grabbing the bowl and pouring the whisked eggs into the frying pan.

I heard him sigh as he walked closer to me, more like take cautious steps towards me... "You don't sound okay? Did I do something wrong? Did something happen?"

"No... Why would you think that? Did you do something wrong?" I asked him, not even sparing him a glance.

"Not that I know of."

"So, why are you asking unnecessary questions?"

Okay, what is wrong with me? It could have been anybody, maybe Piper- that's just awkward, he wouldn't tell Piper that he- why don't I just ask?

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