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Rebecca's pov

   Day 11

Emeliano resumed work, despite the warnings of the doctor, he didn't listen to me or anybody, all he talked about was work work and work! It seriously had me frustrated, but I left him to do whatever he wanted, his absence throughout the day, gave me enough time to think things through.

It was dark already and I was sure that he was back from work, and he's probably in his study, doing some extra work... It was like he didn't care about his health or anything... And it bothered me. A lot.

He seemed to be recovering pretty quick that it was almost as if he never got into an accident.

To top it all up, he had been avoiding me since we got back from the hospital... And the feeling that came with his ignorance was something I don't even want to think of.

But still, it's Emeliano... He never does things without reason and I think he was just afraid of opening up.

He is too guarded about himself, he probably doesn't want to get hurt again, but why would he think I'll hurt him? In what way could I possibly hurt him?

  So here I am, pacing around in his- our- room, thinking things through...

So far so good, all I knew about all this was the fact that my father betrayed Emeliano by wanting to take his company, killing his dad and to top it all, having an affair with the woman who broke his home... Not only that, His half brother took the love of his life away from him... I'm still not sure about the love of his life part... But that was part of my theory... Marcos and Emeliano never agree on anything, just the main mention of Marcos's name, makes Emeliano want to rip heads off... Maybe Marcos was one way or another, involved in my father's plan. They all tricked him.

Thinking of Marcos?

I remember Emeliano mentioning something about him refusing to answer his father's last name, instead he answered his mother's last name. Schmitt... And that name sounded really familiar...

The moment Emeliano mentioned that name, I knew I heard it recently, someone mentioned it. How else would the name sound so familiar to my ears?

It was like I heard it somewhere- more like read it somewhere...


It was at the verge of my brain but I couldn't quite reach for it... Think Rebecca! Where did you read about that name? A newspaper? An article? Maybe a magazine? Or a- wait a minute... An article!

Yes! The day Emeliano took me in... I read various stuff about him- I remember going through a line about him rumored to be having an affair with a married woman of a competing company...

Camilla Schmitt!

Camilla? Wait- could it be the woman I met at the party? Her name was Camilla right? And she looked so familiar... There was just something about her eyes.

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