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I just didn't like the idea of leaving you guys hanging... so, here's an update!

This chapter is dedicated to Bubblywimp

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Emeliano's pov

    The brain crashing pain in my head was enough to knock me right back into consciousness; consciousness that only sent several shooting pains all over my body.

I groaned, holding my head like it was going to help with the situation. My vision was a little blur, but the little I could see, I noticed smoke erupting from my bashed car, it seemed to have hit a tree...

The life threatening pain was unbearable but everything seemed to numb out when I realized that we had an accident.

We? We!

Rebecca! My mind screamed at me, making my eyes move over to the her direction... My unsteady breathing increased when my eyes caught the empty seat beside me... The door was left ajar.

"Shit!” I muttered, pulling at my door handle and trying to move my legs out of the car... Breathing in the smoke erupting from the bonnet of my now ugly car, I tried to cough pure air into my lungs, finally able to put both of my feet on solid ground.

"Rebecca..." I tried to call out..

  Where could she have gone? Was she okay? Was she hurt? I felt my chest tighten as I fell straight to the ground, struggling to get back on my feet...

I couldn't even think of something ever happening to Rebecca because of me? How could I be so foolish to endanger her life?

Using my hand as support, I lifted myself from the ground, noticing the blood on my hands.

Walking over to the other side of the car, my eyes widened a little when I noticed Rebecca's absence again, which only increased the fear In the pit of my stomach.

"Rebecca." I managed to call again but that only sent shooting pains to my stomach, making me stagger at the unbearable pain. "Where are you damn it.” I whispered this time... My blurry vision wandering about.

   For the second time in my life, I was scared, scared of the feeling that came with the absence of Rebecca, my brain couldn't function well, I couldn't think- the quietness around me felt like noise, loud disturbing noise.

I was scared, scared because Rebecca wasn't around me, she was missing and it was because of me... If anything happens to her, I'd never ever dream of forgiving myself...

But yet again?

Where in hell could she have gone?

Did someone take her? Why would someone take her? We were surrounded by bushes, who would want to abduct her?

What in hell am I even thinking?


     Fine, there was no denying it, I was worried, worried as hell! I shouldn't be worried, I should be glad that she was finally out of my hair, if she was here and conscious, I wouldn't hear the end of it, she would scold me till I eventually die of the horrible pain in my head.

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