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It's about to get busy for me out here. VERY SOON, updates are going to be maybe twice a week, BUT I'LL LET YOU ALL KNOW WHEN I FINALLY MAKE THAT DECISION. I hope you all understand:-)

With that said, you may continue...

Rebecca's pov

     The muffled sound of shuffling around me, made my eyes flutter open; wiping away all trace of sleep from my sleep swollen eyes. Looking around, I saw the door to Emeliano's room shut close, which only indicated that someone just left, but I was pretty sure it wasn't Emeliano, he didn't sleep here last night.

When my eyes caught a very familiar laptop and purse on the table, I jumped up from the bed and rushed to the table, grabbing my purse and sliding down the zip, there laid my beautiful phone... I brought it out and hugged it... This is totally not a dream... He gave me my phone back?

But why?

There was a light knock on the door...

"Come on in." My voice was cheerful and full of life.

   The door opened slowly, revealing a smiley faced Greta. "Morning Miss Becca."

"Morning Greta." I replied with a smile.

Closing the door behind her, she smiled at me as she walked closer. "I see you've gotten your phone back."

"Yeah, it's shocking, isn't it."

Greta chuckled... "Well, I'd love to tell you that you didn't only get your phone back, you also got your freedom."

What? My mind screamed as my smile began to disappear.

"What do you mean I've got my freedom?"

"Sir Emeliano has allowed you to leave, and as we speak, your luggages have already been settled in a car, ready to take you back to the Lewis estate... I'm so glad that he's finally letting you go... But- you look like you're not glad, why?" Greta asked.

Glad? I am glad... It's just, why now?

I should really be happy, I should be  running down the stairs away from this mansion, and psycho pretty boy... But why do I feel like I have unfinished business?

"Can you do me a favour Greta?"


"Get my luggages back upstairs... I'm not ready to leave now."

"What? Do you know what you're saying? Sir Emeliano has finally agreed for you to leave, why do you want to stay?"

"Sir Emeliano, is running from his problems, and as a good frenemy, it's my job to put him back in place and at the same time, get my answers to the last thing he's hiding- him and everyone around me... I can't do that at the Lewis estate, as long as my sister would rather leave me here than to take me back because of a secret that I really want to know, then I'm pretty sure going back to the Lewis estate would only make them keep it away from me the most... And I seriously am not ready to see my dad. I want to know what he did to Emeliano before I see him."

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