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Emeliano's pov

     I knew of a word called jealousy, I've felt it before, and trust me when I say it wasn't compared to what I was feeling right now. Watching Rebecca wrap her arms and press bodies with another guy, was tearing my brain into pieces, and it's not even because I like her or anything, it was because that man was Mason, her cheater ass of a boyfriend.

Okay, maybe he didn't exactly cheat, but he was seeing that bitchendra while he was in a relationship with Rebecca, you might be wondering how I know this... Well, I had my sources look up on him the moment I found out that Rebecca was in a relationship.

   I planned on telling her but, for some reasons, I couldn't bring myself to tell her anything about her boyfriend's escapade.

But I give it a second or two, she'll find out and she'll be broken, just like I was, just like her sister did to me... I wonder how she'll react; will she cry? Slap him, I'm betting to see that one happen. Scream at him? Punch his so called girlfriend or fiancee whatever? Or run to my arms for comfort? Not happening.

In all, I couldn't wait to see how all this turns out, more like, I couldn't wait to see her leave that bastard alone.

  But the most important question is, Why do I feel the insane urge to just go over there and punch that guy faceless? Was it because I hated the fact that he was a cheater? Was it the fact that Rebecca's about to go through something that I went through? Something horrible? Or was it because I would rather have anything in the world than to see Rebecca cry? Or was it because of something else entirely?

   Why can't I help but think that I'm falling in my trap? I mean, apparently, Rebecca isn't affected by Anything I do anymore, so- what is the need of keeping her here? For all I know, Rafael doesn't care about her, cause if he did, he would have showed his face... Maybe all this was pointless after all.

I can't start having these insane feelings and thoughts about Rebecca, no... It was wrong, it wasn't part of the plan, I don't want to ever get hurt again, and that too by the same family...

Wouldn't it be better to put an end to this madness? To save Rebecca and myself from the trouble I was putting us in?

Would it?


Rebecca's pov

     Breaking the surprisingly awkward hug, I looked up at Mason with a smile that was nothing close to a real smile, I could see the obvious paint of guilt in his eyes and maybe that was the reason why he couldn't quite maintain eye contact with me.

"What are you doing here? I mean, I'm shocked to see you here? How did you find me?" I asked.

"Actually, we weren't looking for you.” the lady who was now holding on to Mason's arm like her life depended on it, decided to make her presence known.

My eyes swept over to her direction, she was really pretty with curly black waves and big doe brown eyes. Would it be safe to say that she also had the shape of an hour glass... Now, the question here is,

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