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Rebecca's pov

     Day 7

     A small smile tugged at my lips as I looked back at my reflection on the body length mirror, my floral church gown made me look more confident, confident enough to go through with plan D.

It was a very bright Sunday, and I wasn't really ready to waste it off by staying at home, so... My plan was to get Emeliano to take me to church... Crazy right? I know...

   He'll never ever agree, that's why I'll have to approach him in a civilized manner... It worked the last time right? It should also work this time...

   After the sermon, I plan to convince him to maybe, go for a walk or something- that's when I'll start to bombard him with questions... People always tend to be calm after church service, maybe it could work on Emeliano...

I'm still not sure, but I'll try my best to make it work.

   But first of all, I have to feed and Gain enough strength to argue with that- that- pretty boy.

   Coming down the main staircase, my face lightened up at the sight Infront of me, the large sitting room had this calm temperature due to the very beautiful aquarium built to the ground... I knelt slowly, touching the cold solid glass that separated me from the ocean beneath... I could see the beautiful creatures, swimming and living their peaceful lives, I tapped on the glass, making some fishes swim to my direction... Chuckling, I did it again-

   "You seriously look like a fool, stop it."

I jumped upright at the sound of Emeliano's voice, my eyes travelling to a direction in the sitting room, and there he sat, like a god reading a business magazine, he wasn't even looking at me.

I frowned when I realized that he just called me a fool...

"Wow, thanks for the lovely compliment, I never thought you would grace my morning with your ever loving words... Words can't explain how happy I am to hear you say these words." Sarcasm dripped from my words.

"You're most welcome." He murmured, loud enough for me to hear.

  Keep it mature! Civilized! Don't mess this up.

I felt the soft vibration beneath my feet, watching the ocean disappear with the cool atmosphere.

Scratch that- I'll save the civilized plan for another time. Which I hope there won't be..

I sighed, moving to his direction. "You know, you confuse me sometimes." I said, plopping down on the chair, facing him- his eyes were pinned to the magazine... "Won't you ask me why?" I asked, but he ignored me. "I'll tell you anyway." I said with a sweet smile.

"You act like you're so tough," I said.

His eyes still didn't meet mine. "Like you have the say in everything, like nobody's above you, you act like an arrogant, tough guy, but here you are, sitting with a calm look on your face, reading a magazine and enjoying the peaceful quietness around you, and that is totally different from the character you're trying to display.”

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