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Rebecca's pov

      I shouldn't be feeling awful, I should be feeling great, achieved- I should be feeling joy at the fact that Emeliano was sad, christ, I should love the fact that I managed to give plan C a perfect headstart... But no, I was feeling horrible, guilty...I felt like I betrayed someone, I freaking lied to Emeliano that we had sex!

He begged me to say the truth, but I pressed on... I continued to lie and lie and lie till I was actually convincing myself that it happened... My acting skills were awesome, the fake tears and all... But now, I feel like crying for real.

I can't believe Emeliano lost a very good friend through râpê, I'm such a horrible person, I can't even believe I made him remember such an horrible incident!

   Fine, Emeliano deserved it, yes he did- I wanted to make him pay for putting all my efforts into waste, I wanted to make him pay for sending April away and bringing me back to square one- but I never wanted him to feel like those horrible bastards that abused his friend.

I have to come clean.

It's the only way to ease myself from this guilt. Right? I can think of something else later, but for now, I really need to apologise for lying to him.. I mean, he looked really broken, and I caused it...

I freaking made someone feel horrible!!! What have I turned into? I'm a bad person... Bad bad bad!

"Miss Becca, the ingredients for the coffee's ready... Should I make it or will you make it?" The maid asked me...

"I'll make it, thank you." I gave her a small smile, watching her leave.

    I wanted to make coffee for Emeliano, that gesture should make him understand that I was really sorry, right? He would forgive me when he tastes my special coffee...

Will he?

Will he even drink it? Will he tell me to get out of his study? What will he say to me? Will he let me go? I don't think so, why would he let me go...What am I even thinking...

I made the coffee quickly, and carried it with shaky hands to the direction of his study, I gulped before I entered his study, without knocking- if I knocked, he would never ever let me in... That's a fact.

His head was placed on his table, his laptop that was usually open was slapped shut, his study was dead quiet, no sound was heard except from the raged thumping of my heart and the shaky coffee cup set in my hands.

I gulped down...

Why isn't he raising his head, is he okay? Oh God... I hope he's okay? Why do I care if he's okay or not?

I guess it's because I might be the reason for his, whatever he's going through.

Just call his name, what's the worse that could happen?

What will I say to him?

'Hey, sorry for what happened, I lied to you... We didn't have sex... So, yeah'

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