The Test

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     You woke up on Monday morning with a start, immediately recognizing that something was off. You slowly pushed yourself our of bed, careful not to wake your husband, who was still peacefully sleeping on the bed beside you. You had been married to Steve Rogers for almost an entire year now. The two of you had met while working on a mission against HYDRA, you being an upper level S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. At first you were against being in a relationship with him, in your line of work it was best not to get too attached to anybody, but he quickly won you over. The two of you now lived together in Stark Tower. 

     You made your way towards the bathroom. As you walked, you started to quicken your pace, feeling nausea creeping up on you. You barely made it to the toilet in time before you threw up. You knelt over the toilet for a few minutes before you felt someone come up behind you and pull your hair away from your face. "Are you okay sweetheart?" Steve asked gently.

     You took a few deep breaths in an attempt to keep any remaining contents of your stomach down before responding. "Yeah, I guess I'm coming down with something." Feeling weak, you leaned back against the bathroom wall. You hated being sick because it meant you had to take a break from your work. Most people would love that but you enjoyed your work, it gave you a purpose.

     Steve knelt down next to you and looked at you with a frown. "Maybe you should take it easy today. Get some rest." You were disappointed but managed a small nod. Steve helped you up and you got back in bed. Then he said goodbye to you and headed off to work for the day. You closed your eyes, exhausted, and not a minute later you were back asleep again.

     You woke up an hour later, and since it was already 8:00 in the morning, you decided that it was time to get up. This time when you rose from your bed you felt perfectly fine. You thought that it was weird that you felt better so soon, but brushed it off as a short-lived bug. You didn't want to stay cooped up in your room all day, so you decided to go see what everyone else was up too. As soon as you walked out the door you nearly ran into Natasha. 

     "Oh, hey y/n. I though Steve said you were sick." She said with a confused look.

     "I was this morning. It was the weirdest thing, I felt super nauseous and dizzy, but it only lasted for a little bit. I feel perfectly fine now. " Natasha stared at you for a few seconds without speaking. You could tell that she was thinking about something, but wasn't quite sure if she should say it. "What?"

     She hesitated before starting, "Nothing, it's just...there's no way you could be pregnant right?"

     You froze. It seemed impossible, you and Steve always made sure to use protection.  "I-I'm not sure. I mean there's no way right?" Then you thought about it and you realized that you were supposed to start your period a few days ago. You had blamed it on stress at the time, but maybe you had been mistaken. "Oh god, I'm late. Natasha what am I supposed to do if I am?!" You started to panic, but you were stopped in your tracks by Natasha. 

     "Hey! There's no need to panic yet y/n, you don't know anything for sure. I'll tell you what, wait here and I'll go get a test for you." You thanked Natasha, admiring her ability to stay calm in a situation like this. When she left, you walked back into the room that you shared with your husband. You sat down on the end of the bed, but got back up shortly. You were too nervous to sit still, so instead you paced back and forth across the room awaiting Natasha's return. Around half an hour had passed when you heard a quiet rap on the door. You jogged over and opened it, letting Natasha in and then quickly closing it behind her. 

     "Sorry to keep you waiting." She uttered, "I couldn't find any pregnancy tests in the tower so I had to run down to a store across the street" 

     "It's fine, thank you." You responded absentmindedly, eager to get the test over with. Natasha waited in the bedroom while you went to the bathroom to take the test. The next five minutes were the most nerve-racking minutes of your life. There was no way you were pregnant...right? You and Steve had been careful, although in the back of your mind you knew that protection wasn't always one hundred percent reliable. You weren't even sure what you would do if the test came out positive, so you decided to push that idea out of your mind. After all, it was going to be negative.

     A timer went off on your phone, signaling that the five minutes were up. You didn't want to look at the test, your whole future was riding on the results. You took a deep breath and forced yourself to look down at the bathroom counter. What you saw next made your heart stop. 

     Two lines, you were pregnant

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     Two lines, you were pregnant. In shock, you backed up until you hit the wall and sank down to the floor, holding your head in your hands. You were having trouble processing anything. You and Steve had never even talked about kids. At the point in your careers that you were at right now it wasn't really an option. 

     There was a knock on the door. "Y/n?" Natasha called, "Can I come in?" You couldn't bring yourself to respond so she opened to door. Her eyes fell upon you sitting on the floor.

     "Positive." You mumbled. "What am I supposed to do? What if Steve doesn't want the baby? How am I supposed to tell him? How am I going to care for a child while working the most dangerous job in the world? What-"

     You were cut off by Natasha, "Calm down, okay? There's no use in panicking. Just talk to Steve, he'll be there for you."

     You took a deep breath, but it didn't take away the worry. You had no idea how you were going to tell Steve. You had no idea how he felt about having kids, it never seemed like it was in the cards for the two of you. The more you thought about it though, a baby didn't seem so bad.            

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