As she is back home, checking her social media profiles, Leanne realizes that texting Lizzie during work proved costly as she receives a nasty message from her boss's daughter and co-worker, Delaylah.


Conversation between Delaylah and Leanne

Delaylah: I thought you were serious enough, Leanne, but don't you think I'm stupid. I caught you texting during work, therefore there are consequences. You're fired. You'd better not show up again, bitch, or I'll teach you a lesson you'll never forget.

Leanne does not answer the message straight away. Plus, who does Delaylah think she is? The first adjective that comes to her mind to describe that snarky daddy's girl is "incoherent". In fact, Delaylah herself, who often scolds her co-workers for the silliest things, is the first to slack off and do her job poorly.

After about half an hour, Leanne decides it's high time to give that brat a piece of her mind.

Leanne: Don't worry. I won't even bother putting my foot in that fucking bar again anymore. I'll just hang out elsewhere, it's not a big deal. Anyway, stop backtalking to me, stupid hoe. You have been texting on your job for years. Kiss my ass, darling.

Delaylah: Don't talk to me like that, Leanne. You're just a disrespectful bitch. You deliberately messed up mine and Alicia's station, didn't you?

Leanne: It's not my fault if your sister is such a whore. She hooked up with random guys instead of actually working. I needed to teach both of you a lesson. Now stop texting me for once.

Delaylah: Remember, Leanne, you're gonna pay for this.

Leanne: Fuck off, you bitch!

End of the conversation


After two hours, Leanne realizes that she needs to talk to a friend, someone who can actually understand her painful situation. This is why she resorts to talking to Lizzie.


Conversation between Leanne and Lizzie

Leanne: Lizzie, we need to talk. Now!

Lizzie: Get a fucking grip, Leanne! Are you drunk or not?

Leanne: Tell me you didn't invite Delaylah or her stupid sister.

Lizzie: Why should I?

Leanne: I just want to know!

Lizzie: Calm down!

Leanne: Can you answer the fucking question?

Lizzie: You didn't ask me any freaking question, so stop being paranoid.

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